Transgender Hormones:

MSH specialises in the hormone treatment of Transgender and non-binary individuals in South Africa:

Transgender hormones or rather Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment and Healthcare for transgender, non-binary or gender-nonconforming individuals is something we are  very passionate about at MSH.

The doctors on the team offer Gender Affirming Hormonal Treatment according to the patient’s needs and personal goals, while keeping a close eye on complications and adverse effects. Depending on a patient’s individual situation and risk factors, all hormonal treatments and blockers available in South Africa are offered, including injections, implants, patches, pills, creams and gels.

Please read this this blog about the process the MSH doctors follow to start a person on hormones:

Transgender Surgery:

Transgender Surgery or rather Gender Affirming Surgery is something we are closely involved with at MSH all over South Africa.

For Transgender Surgery (Gender Affirming Surgery), we work in close association with surgeons from Johannesburg, Cape Town and other parts of South Africa, should our patients wish to have surgical procedures done.  We provide the letters the surgeons will request to perform the surgery.

Transgender Letters:

Transgender Letter required?  You can get it from MSH!

Transgender letters or “Psych-letters” can be provided by the MSH doctors.  We can provide patients with the letters for their South African ID documents or gender change, their surgery, work/study/school related requirements or any other letter you might require.

Transgender Support:

Need support as a Transgender individual in South Africa?  We are closely connected to Transgender Support Groups in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

MSH offer Transgender Support through our doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers with a special interest in LGBTQIA+ counselling.  The MSH team is ready to offer psychological support to members of the trans-community as well as their significant others.

Additional support includes an on-site medical electrologist at the Bryanston Practice, as well as an Image Consultant that specialises in helping Male to Female transitioning women to become who they were born to be! We even have a speech therapist to help with voice training.

Transgender Children:

Is your child Transgender?

At MSH we offer support and treatment for Transgender children and their families.  You can come and have a chat to one of our doctors about the roud ahead, about confirming the diagnosis or about the right support for your child.  We also provide hormone treatment for transgender children from early puberty.

My Sexual Health supports the following statement by WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare):

WPATH Identity Recognition Statement

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) recognizes that, for optimal physical and mental health, persons must be able to freely express their gender identity, whether or not that identity conforms to the expectations of others. WPATH further recognizes the right of all people to identity documents consistent with their gender identity, including those documents which confer legal gender status. Such documents are essential to the ability of all people to enjoy rights and opportunities equal to those available to others; to access accommodation, education, employment, and health care; to travel; to navigate everyday transactions; and to enjoy safety. Transgender people, regardless of how they identify or appear, should enjoy the gender recognition all persons expect and deserve.

Medical and other barriers to gender recognition for transgender individuals may harm physical and mental health. WPATH opposes all medical requirements that act as barriers to those wishing to change legal sex or gender markers on documents. These include requirements for diagnosis, counselling or therapy, puberty blockers, hormones, any form of surgery (including that which involves sterilization), or any other requirements for any form of clinical treatment or letters from doctors. WPATH argues that marital and parental status should not be barriers to recognition of gender change, and opposes requirements for persons to undergo periods living in their affirmed gender, or for enforced waiting or ‘cooling off’ periods after applying for a change in documents. Further, court and judicial hearings can produce psychological, as well as financial and logistical barriers to legal gender change, and may also violate personal privacy rights or needs.

WPATH advocates that appropriate gender recognition should be available to transgender youth, including those who are under the age of majority, as well as to individuals who are incarcerated or institutionalized. WPATH recognizes that there is a spectrum of gender identities, and that choices of identity limited to Male or Female may be inadequate to reflect all gender identities. An option of X, NB (non-binary), or Other (as examples) should be available for individuals who so choose.

WPATH urges governments to eliminate barriers to gender recognition, and to institute transparent, affordable and otherwise accessible administrative procedures affirming self-determination, when gender markers on identity documents are considered necessary. These procedures should be based in law and protect privacy.

Transgender Healthcare Services are provided by our team members in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town:


Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr Elna Rudolph

Medical Doctor, Sexologist and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health

Pamela Dybala

Medical Electrologist

Suret Louw

Image Consultant


Dr Jireh Serfontein

Dr Jireh Serfontein

Medical Doctor and Sexologist

Suret Louw

Image Consultant

Cape Town:

Dr Jeanne Aspeling

Dr Jeanne Aspeling

Medical Doctor

Pamela Dybala

Medical Electrologist

Support Groups:

Max Jacobs

Female to Male Transition Support

081 490 5451

Lee-Anne Walker

Male to Female Transition Support

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