Treating Sexual Pain by Dr Elna Rudolph

Teaching you the science and soft skills to effectively treat patients with Sexual Pain.

A Course for Professionals

Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Counselors, Sexologists, etc.

Become that go-to person in your area!

Be the Physiotherapist, Gynaecologist, GP or Psychotherapist who has an edge over your colleagues because you KNOW how to treat Sexual Pain.

Being able to treat patients with Sexual Pain effectively and sympathetically will be one of the biggest assets in your career! You might just find that it is the most rewarding part of your practice. I have been doing it for ten years and in this course I dive deep into the science of treating sexual pain, but I also guide you through all of the softer skills and share my passion and expertise with you in a practical way. Any fool can make a matter seem complicated. It takes true insight to make a complicated matter seem simple. That is what I will do for you during this training. Give it go!

  • 1

    Sexual Pain Training - by Dr. Elna Rudolph

    • The story behind the My Sexual Health Team and how we became the go-to place for Sexual Pain Treatment.

  • 2

    The value of a multidisciplinary team and the 101 on all the definitions

    • The approach we follow - get the bigger picture before we delve into the detail.

    • How on earth do you make sense of all of those definitions?

  • 3

    Top notch history taking and clinical examination

    • If you take a proper HISTORY, you can usually, already make the diagnosis - here is how to do it:

    • Clinical Examination: How to NOT tell a patient "there is nothing physically wrong with you"

    • Clinical Examination: How to NOT tell a patient "there is nothing physically wrong with you"

  • 4

    Documenting your Diagnosis: Look like a pro and get pro results

    • Documenting Your Diagnosis is EVERYTHING! It is NOT a one-liner. I have a template for you!

    • Literally EVERYTHING you need to know about Vaginal Dilators.

  • 5

    "It hurts right at the opening." You have to know EVERYTHING about this!

    • The academics of Provoked Vestibulodynia - the most common cause for superficial sexual pain in our clinic.

    • Let me show you how to treat Provoked Vestibulodynia - it will change lives, I promise you!

  • 6

    Vaginismus is treatable!

    • Vaginismus - can a respected clinician still use the term? If you do, how do you effectively help the patient?

    • How to use Botox for the treatment of Sexual Pain. Doctors, watch out! Do not reach straight for the needle, but keep this option in mind.

  • 7

    Modern Day Medical Dilators - it works like a bomb for so much more than just Vaginismus!

    • Literally EVERYTHING you need to know about Medical Dilators.

  • 8

    Bonus section: Basic Sensate Focus Therapy

    • Sensate Focus Therapy - You need to know how to get couples to go from no sex or painful sex, to good sex. It is a process and this technique works well!

    • MSH SPT Sensate Focus PDF

    • MSH Sexual Pain Diagnosis Template