The Ethics of Sexual Health Practice - Dr Elna Rudolph 4 Ethical CPD Points

Well-developed Ethical Reasoning Skills is essential for any person offering Sexual Health Services. This course will teach you practical skills to apply in your practice on a daily basis.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Ethics in Sexual Health Practice

    • Introduction to Ethics in Sexual Health Practice

  • 2

    The Basics of Bioethics in Sexual Health Practice

    • The Basics of Bioethics in Sexual Health

    • HPCSA Basic Ethical Guidelines

  • 3

    Guiding Ethical Principles of the World Association for Sexual Health

    • Ethics in Sexual Health Practice Introduction and Condensed WAS Ethical Principles

    • An Explanation of the WAS Ethical Principles with Practical Examples

    • Practical Application of the WAS Ethical Principles to a Case Study

    • WAS Guiding Ethical Principles

  • 4

    Touch and Intimate Examinations

    • Touch and Intimate Examinations

    • HPCSA Reproductive Health Guidelines

  • 5

    Learning About Sexual Health Ethics from Real Sexologists

    • Ethics in Sexual Health Practice Action Points - The pretty one to print :-)

    • Action Points - the one that can be copied into a word file to complete electronically if you prefer not to print.

    • Are you Ts&Cs clear about things like nudity?

    • Sometimes the minor transgressions all add up...

    • How do you stay up to date and how do you share information with patients?

    • What do we expose our clients to inside and outside of our offices?

    • Are you wearing the right armour?

    • Avoiding sexual interactions and getting your information from a source you can trust

    • How are you managing your risk?

  • 6

    CPD Points and Evaluation

    • How to earn 4 ETHICAL CPD Points from this Activity

    • CPD 7 Evaluation of HPCSA CPD Accredited Activity PDF


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