Dr Heather Blaylock - New Patient Consultation for 30 min - R1325

This is the payment gateway Dr Elna Rudolph Inc is using for consultations with Dr Heather Blaylock.  You will receive your invoice that can be submitted to your medical aid directly from Dr Elna Rudolph Inc after your consultation.  

The auto-generated response on this order is for the My Sexual Health Shop.  It is not a valid invoice.  Ignore the content.  The proof of payment gets sent to My Sexual Health directly. No need to forward it to us again.

Please do complete your online forms, book your appointment online if you have not done so yet and confirm with reception@mysexualhealth.co.za that everything has been done.  You should receive a document with information about the blood tests that you can have done prior to your appointment via email.  If you don't please contact reception@mysexualhealth.co.za.