Youth and Adolescent Services

MSH (My Sexual Health) team members are healthcare professionals who provide specialised services for youth and adolescents, addressing their unique sexual health needs and concerns. They offer comprehensive care, support, and education to promote healthy sexual development and well-being during this critical stage of life.

Confidential and Non-judgmental Care:

MSH team members create a safe and confidential space where youth and adolescents can discuss their sexual health concerns openly. They prioritise privacy and ensure that discussions are non-judgmental, allowing young individuals to feel comfortable seeking help and guidance without fear of stigma or discrimination.

Sexual Health Education:

MSH team members provide age-appropriate sexual health education to youth and adolescents, addressing topics such as puberty, reproductive anatomy, menstrual health, contraception, STI prevention, and healthy relationships. They provide accurate information, answer questions, and help young individuals comprehensively understand their bodies and sexual health.

Puberty and Development:

MSH team members support youth and adolescents during puberty's physical and emotional changes. They provide guidance on normal development, menstrual health for assigned female individuals, body image, self-care practices, and hygiene. They can address concerns related to pubertal development and provide reassurance and education about common changes that occur during this stage.

Contraception and STI Prevention:

MSH team members offer education and guidance on contraception methods appropriate for youth and adolescents, including barrier methods, hormonal contraception, and emergency contraception. They discuss the importance of safe sex practices, including consistent condom use, and provide information on STI prevention strategies, such as regular testing and communication about sexual health with partners.

Consent and Boundaries:

MSH team members emphasise the importance of consent, healthy relationships, and setting boundaries. They provide education on understanding and recognising consent, fostering open communication in relationships, and respecting personal boundaries. They promote awareness of healthy relationship dynamics and provide support for addressing any concerns related to consent or relationship issues.

Confidentiality and Parental Involvement:

MSH team members respect the confidentiality of their young patients while also recognising the importance of parental involvement in their healthcare. They adhere to legal and ethical guidelines regarding the provision of healthcare to minors, offering information and guidance on how to navigate discussions with parents or guardians about sexual health matters.

Referrals and Support:

MSH team members can provide referrals to additional resources or specialists when necessary. They maintain a network of professionals and organisations specialising in youth and adolescent services, such as mental health counsellors, LGBTQIA+ support groups, or reproductive health clinics, ensuring that young individuals receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific needs.

By seeking support from MSH team members, youth and adolescents can access expert guidance, education, and support for their sexual health. The services provided by these professionals contribute to promoting healthy sexual development, empowering young individuals to make informed decisions, and fostering overall well-being during this crucial stage of life.

My Sexual Health provides credible Youth and Adolescent Services. Contact us for an appointment with a medical doctor, physiotherapist, or other health professional

MSH doctors can assist with the medical implications of your condition. Refer to the list of Competent Sexual Health Providers listed on our website.

If you suspect that your problem Is more psychological or due to relationship factors, you can see one of the MSH psychologists/counsellors.

All the MSH Team members work within the context of a multidisciplinary team and will refer you to another team member of need be.

*Please contact your preferred healthcare provider directly for more information about the cost of consultations. MSH offers a platform service to Credible Sexual Health Providers you may choose to consult with.

Disclaimer:  MSH provides a platform for Sexual Health providers to network and learn in order to render the highest level of sexual health services to patients.  MSH does not take responsibility for the clinical practice of any of its members.  Any concerns can be directed towards but misconduct needs to be reported to the registration body of the particular individual.