Sexology Courses

We are committed to providing rights- and evidence-based, experience-informed, context-sensitive, inclusive Sexual Health Training & Education. Our offerings include training courses accredited with HPCSA Continuous Professional Development points through SAMA, Webinars and Self-help courses.

The Sexology Super Starter Pack
We curated the Sexology Super Starter Pack to fast-track your journey to becoming a Credible Sexual Health Provider!

The Sexology Super Starter Pack is a Bundle of 38 CPD Accredited Courses and 10 of our most popular webinars. It was created to deliver the foundational training you need for your Sexual Health Practice.

What is Sexology Courses?

Sexology Courses is the content creation vehicle for My Sexual Health, launched in January 2021.

Our digital platform hosts content that can be purchased as a single course, webinar recording, bundles or courses or the Sexology Training Club.

Today we have more than  65 online courses available

Taught by 27 instructors from more than 10 countries

We have had 13,500+ enrollments

And more than 3,600 hours of educational video have been watched so far! 

Browse our Sexology Courses

You can browse a small selection of our courses below. For our full collection of courses please visit our Sexology Courses page.

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Sexology Super Starter Pack - 100 CPD Points!
R 25,000.00
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From Pain to Pleasure by Candice Langford
R 3,800.00
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Treating Sexual Pain by Dr Elna Rudolph
R 3,600.00

The people behind Sexology Courses

Dr Elna Rudolph: 

Clinical Head of MSH and Sexology Courses

Delene van Dyk: 

Training and Education Manager

Lisa Welsh: 

Communication Lead

The MSH Supervisors

Clinical supervision is crucial for all healthcare providers, particularly those in Sexual Health, Pelvic Health, and Sexology. However, arranging and financing supervision has traditionally been a challenge.

MSH has addressed this issue by creating an accessible and affordable structure for clinical supervision. The team consists of highly qualified Medical Doctors, Psychosexual Therapists, and experienced Pelvic Function Physiotherapists with advanced degrees in Sexual Health. With their expertise and years of experience treating patients with sexual dysfunction, MSH provides a reliable platform for healthcare providers to receive supervision. Read more here.

Sexual Medicine Supervisors

Psychosexual Supervisors

Physiotherapy Supervisors

Become a MSH Accredited Provider

MSH now has a full accreditation programme. To date 58 people have gained full MSH Accreditation.

Here are the entry requirements for MSH Accreditation and to be accepted as a MSH Team Member:


Complete a minimum of 60 hours of academic learning (if you have not been able to obtain FORMAL qualifications in Sexual Health, this can easily be obtained by completing the Sexology Super Starter Pack SSSP). Courses from other institutions can also be considered. 

Submitting TEN case studies or course assignments.

Attending TEN live Q&A sessions.

Completing FIVE clinical supervision sessions.

A SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) Training is no longer required for MSH Team membership but is STRONGLY advised. 

MSH Training and Education Division

At MSH, we have a dream to accredit 10 000 Credible Sexual Health Providers in the Global South, during the next ten years.

We believe there needs to be credible sexual health providers in every single community. Sexual Health providers have scientific- and rights-based knowledge that is evidence based, experience informed and culturally sensitive. This knowledge can change the well-being of communities. It has the ability to address some of the most concerning challenges within communities, including gender based violence, teenage pregnancies, child marriages, genital mutilation and raging of HIV and other sexually transmitted infection rates.

Lifting women out of poverty is our passion. Improving their sexual health is one evidence-based way to do so. It does not only give them health and agency, but it frees up their time. Women with free time start soup kitchens and child care facilities. They educate themselves, they become CEOs and iron women who inspire their communities. They pick up on the concerning things in the neighbourhood - the child that might be in trouble in a specific household. The woman that is being abused and is trying her best to hide it. The teenager who is hanging out with the wrong crowd. They intervene with love and acceptance. They create safe spaces. They invite for wine or tea, They start support groups and run religious groups. They mother not only those they have carried but anyone who needs it. This is what we are building.

Creating communities in which men learn ways to live where there is zero tolerance for any form of violence is another one of our passions. We are not only about protecting women and children. We are about protecting those men who experience gender based violence too. About giving men tools to deal with emotions without violence. Tools for positive masculinity.

We are not just about sex. We are about creating healthy communities. There is evidence to show that #savingsexlives improves the kinship of relationships, which in turn improves the health of communities.

Want to find out how you can support this vision or be one of the 10 000 credible sexual health providers we accredit in the next 10 years? Contact us now! 

Delene van Dyk (MSH TED Manager)

MSH Team Membership Fees

Once-off registration fee: R2,500

Medical Doctors: 125 USD per month or R22,500 per year

Psychologists/Counsellors: 62,50 USD per month or R11,500 per year

Physios/Occupational Therapists/Nurses: 50 USD per month or R9,000 per year

Payment terms:

For monthly payments online subscription is required and is charged in USD.

Annual payments are invoiced in SA Rands and paid into a South African bank account. The amount includes VAT.