My Sexual Health Booking service
Welcome to the My Sexual Health booking service. Here you can find information about online consultations with the MSH Licensed Practices.

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Online Consultations

Clinical Head of 
My Sexual Health International

Medical Doctor 
with a special interest in Sexual Health

Step 1:  Click here to make a reservation with Dr Elna Rudolph and click here to make a reservation with Dr Heather Blaylock.

Step 2:  If you are a NEW patient, complete and submit the following forms/questionnaires before the appointment.

Patient Registration Form

People who were assigned Female at birth

People who were assigned Male at birth

If you are consulting about any problem regarding your sexual functioning and libido or hormones, please also complete the following (not relevant to trans and gender diverse patients):



Patients that do not identify as either gender, or feel that these forms are not applicable to them in any way may choose not to complete these forms. Please note that the information required in the gender relevant forms is based on the biological system at work in your physical body, and in no specific or non-specific way indicative of gender identity.

Please provide as much information as possible before your appointment to ensure your visit goes smoothly. Completing these forms beforehand will help us to make the most of your time with the doctor and avoid unnecessary delays during your consultation. 

Step 3: Online consultations must be paid before the consultation. 

Pay for your chosen consultation with Dr Elna Rudolph here: 

New patient 60-minute appointment: R2960

New patient 30-minute appointment: R1960

30-minute follow-up consultation: R1430

15-minute follow-up consultation: R900

Pay for your chosen consultation with Dr Heather Blaylock here: 

New patient 60-minute appointment: R2060

New patient 30-minute appointment: R1325

30-minute follow-up consultation: R1050

15-minute follow-up consultation: R820

Step 4:  See you there! We will send you the Zoom link that you will use for your consultation.

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Blood Test Results

We may email you a request for blood tests. It is by no means compulsory, but it is strongly advised for certain conditions. Please try to have the tests done before your consultation.