Nu Davidson

Relationship & Intimacy Educator

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Nu spent over a decade as a wedding planner, during which she recognised the deeper issues that weddings evoke for couples. Observing that wedding planning could serve as a foundation for essential conversations like managing finances, integrating cultures, and discussing future aspirations, Nu noticed the industry often focused on superficial aspects rather than these foundational topics.

This realisation led Nu to explore sexual health and wellness more deeply, including developing a Rooibos-infused, 100% natural lubricant, and transitioning her career. Nu obtained a life coaching certificate and pursued extensive education in relationships, sexual health, and wellness, including completing SASHA SAR training. Joining My Sexual Health (MSH) was pivotal, providing her with invaluable insights from professionals in the field.

Being in a long-term relationship herself, Nu sought tools to help other couples build solid foundations for their marriages. She has been a member of the Sexology Training Club since 2020 and is a My Sexual Health Accredited Sex Educator. Nu continues to learn and strives to support healthy relationships through education and coaching. 

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