How To Have More Fun In Bed - 2 CPD Points

26 creative ideas that’ll make you want to cancel tonight’s plans!

This course and ebook provide a quick reference guide with 26 creative and fun ideas for everyone of all genders to enjoy in bed.

Part 1 discusses the concept of fun sex and reasons why you might not be having it. Part 2 covers the rules of fun sex, which is crucial to understand. Part 3 offers an A-Z list of fun, sexy ideas to try, and Part 4 concludes with final thoughts.

Note that not all ideas may work for everyone, but there's something helpful for everyone whether you're single, casually hooking up, or in a relationship.


"Thank you for a very informative course. Even though I will not try everything you have mentioned, it is good to know that some of these practises exist, so when I am dealing with a patient I will now be able to not show the shock on my face, because I have heard about it today!! I enjoyed the easy way that you talk about all these weird and wonderful things."