Velo16™ Probotics Digestive Capsules (30s)

Velo16 Probiotic Digestive Capsules



Velo16™ Probiotic Digestive Capsules is your gut & immune-health  probiotic  of  choice  for everyday use. Velo16™ replenishes & nurtures your good bacteria to help you Trust  Your  Gut, for a healthier, happy you.

Velo16™ is the Ultimate Choice in quality and quantity of probiotics delivered to your gut for maximum health benefits. Utilizing patented Velobiotics™ technology, Velo16™ guarantees delivery of 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

Velo16™ contains 16 probiotic strains clinically proven to support people with poor digestive and immune health and requiring a wide variety of probiotic strains.

Trust your gut; for a happier, healthy life.

LONG DESCRIPTION (Additional Descriptor)

One of the major challenges in probiotics’ industry is numerous products whose label claims is mismatched with their probiotics delivery to the gut. It is a well-known fact that probiotics die while on the pharmacy shelf and stomach acid kills all good and bad bacteria!

Which means that you rarely get the right amount of probiotics delivered to your gut and subsequent disappointed when expected wellness is not achieved.

This makes it difficult to trust probiotics in the marketplace to stay healthy and deliver wellness.

Luckily, there is now a solution – Velo16™. Velo16™replenishes and nurtures your good bacteria helping you to Trust in your gutand live a healthier, happy life.

So, if you're a person with poor digestive and immune health and who requires a wide variety of probiotic strains delivered to their gut, but cannot get the right products with simple, effective and proven technology, Velo16™ is the answer you've been looking for!


SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE!Utilizes Velobiotics technology that delivers 1000x more probiotics. This lets you increase load of good bacteria that reaches your gut for wellness ... faster and easier than ever before

FUNCTIONAL!Longer shelf life delivers the key to maintain the amount of probiotics on the label, no matter the time spent in the pharmacy - Effortlessly

TRUSTED!Protection from stomach acid lets you probiotics (good bacteria) survive in the acid to deliver wellness into your gut ... it's never been easier

BREAKTHROUGH!16 probiotic strains ensures you can increased wellness with a larger variety of good bacteria - Instantly

A FRESH APPROACH!Probiotics shielded from  moisture,  heat  and  water  lets  you  feel confident that probiotics will be viable and deliver well-being regardless of exposure to elements

– better than any other technology.

Don't delay getting started to increase load of good bacteria that reaches your gut for gut- wellness! - Order Now!