Transwoman underwear

Transwoman underwear - made right here in South Africa

Tucking Gorgeous underwear are comfortable, gorgeous underwear that have been designed for trans women and non gender conforming people and those who like to 'tuck' in order to achieve a flat, feminine frontline.

The underwear has a front compression panel, as well as a 'secret' tucking pouch which provides a secure and comfortable tuck.   

At My Sexual Health we wish to be part of your gender affirming journey that allows you to celebrate your true self.

Your Tucking Gorgeous underwear is there to keep you safely tucked, feeling confident and gorgeous - Because you are!

We have it in a variety of colours and sizes.  You finally found the perfect underwear right here in South Africa!

PLEASE NOTE:  We do not keep the product onsite and order from the supplier as needed. ETA between 14-21 days