HIV Home Test: HIV 1 and 2 Single Test Kit - iKnow/Homemed

Can I do my HIV at home?
Yes! Do your HIV test at home!  No need to go to a clinic! All South Africans should do an HIV test once a year! Get yours from us!
Are HIV tests accurate?
Yes!  The tests we sell are of the highest quality. If you are uncertain if the results are accurate, you can repeat your test using a different brand of test kit.
How soon do HIV tests show a positive result?
These tests can pick up a positive result as early as 3 weeks after the exposure, but you have to wait for 3 months to be 100% sure that you are negative after an incident.
How do HIV Home Tests work?
  • Detect HIV 1&2 antibodies in whole blood from a finger prick
  • Detect antibodies of all subtypes (IgM, IgC, IgA)
  • Clear results for easy interpretation
  • Results within 15 minutes
Included in the test kit:
  • Instructions
  • Test device
  • Diluent (buffer solution)
  • Lancet (to prick your finger)
  • Alcohol swab for cleaning
  • Pipet for blood collection from your finger and transfer to the test device

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