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Your Cervix: What to know

January is cervical health awareness month and chances are that you haven’t given your cervix the attention it deserves - Dr Jireh Serfontein
Female Athlete Triad SyndromeMSH 2021
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Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

What is Female Athlete Triad Syndrome? Menstrual Dysfunction, Low Energy Availability and Low Bone Mineral Density - is it worth it? By Sue Fuller-Good
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Sexual Health Podcast with Dr Larisse Badenhorst

Dr Larisse Badenhorst joined The KickBack with Tshoolz & Thando on Massiv Metro talking "All things sexual health" - get the Podcast here!
5 FM MSH Dr Jireh Serfontein Mens HealthMSH
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5 FM Men’s Sexual Health Podcast

5 FM Podcast on Men's Sexual Health with Dr Jireh Serfontein from MSH Pretoria.

Breathing and the Pelvic Floor

Not interested in breathing and your pelvic floor? Well, what if I told you the pelvic floor is the engine behind your orgasm? ..and breathing is its partner in crime? Maybe I got your attention now… let’s delve a little deeper.
Puberty MSH Dr Jireh Serfontien
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What to expect from puberty in boys and girls. An explanation of all the changes, by Dr Jireh Serfontein from MSH Pretoria.
Breast Cancer Prof Elna McIntoshMSH2021
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Sex and Breast Cancer

People don't talk about sex to women with breast cancer. That should change! - Prof Elna McIntosh - Sexologist, MSH Team Mentor and two-time breast cancer survivor.
Menopause Blog Dr Jeanne AspelingMSH 2020
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What is Menopause?

There are lots of false beliefs regarding menopause, its symptoms and treatment. Get all the correct facts here. Don't suffer in silence, there is help available! - Dr Jeanne Aspeling.
Penile CurvatureMSH
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Curved Penis

Worried about a curved penis? There is no need for treatment, unless you have erection problems, painful erections, shortening of the penis or a difficulty with penetration. Find out more about the causes here. - Dr Elna Rudolph
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Increasing Sexual Pleasure in Men

How do men experience sexual pleasure? Is it different from women? What should you do if you don't experience pleasure? Get all of the facts here! - Dr Larisse Badenhorst