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Menopause is a natural part of a woman's life that marks the end of the reproductive years. However, it is a time of significant hormonal changes that can affect a woman's sexual function and pleasure. As the Clinical Head of My Sexual Health, I am frequently asked about the impact of menopause on sexual pleasure and how women can maintain or even enhance their sexual function during this transition.

One of the most common symptoms of menopause is a decrease in estrogen levels, which can lead to vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal walls, and decreased vaginal lubrication. This can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable or painful and reduce a woman's desire for sex.


Maintaining a healthy sex life during menopause 

Fortunately, several options are available to help women overcome these symptoms and continue to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Lubricants, vaginal moisturisers, and topical hormone replacement therapy can all be effective in relieving vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex.

In addition to these treatments, women can also take steps to maintain their sexual health and pleasure during menopause. For example, regular sexual activity can help increase blood flow to the vaginal area, improving lubrication and reducing discomfort during sex.

Experimenting with different sexual positions, exploring new erogenous zones, and using sex toys can also enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy.

It is essential for medical professionals to understand the impact of menopause on sexual function and to be able to offer their patients effective treatment options. However, it is equally important for women themselves to understand that menopause does not have to mean the end of their sex lives. With the right resources and support, women can continue to experience sexual pleasure and intimacy well into their golden years.


Watch the webinar

I recently delivered a webinar about sex and menopause, and gave tonnes of information and specific suggestions to help you or your patients maintain and increase sexual pleasure throughout menopause.

I also discussed the hormones and medical treatments available to ensure a healthy sex life during menopause. This talk will benefit healthcare providers and any women who are in menopause or anticipating the start of menopause.

You can access the replay here for only $10.

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Bulk Lubrication - BETAGEL 500ml
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Hydra-V Vaginal Moisturiser
Femular Tablets
Hormone Assist
Lady Prelox® - Female Libido Enhancer
ProtUP Natural Libido Booster
Intimate Mini Vibrator
VAGIFORTE® Plus Tablets - Vaginal Probiotic Lactobacillus
D-MANNOSE - Natural Bladder Infection Solution


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