August 21, 2022 2 min read

Catriona Boffard's Asking for a Friend Podcast

Download the full episode here: Asking For A Friend: Season four finale Q&A - S4E11 on Apple Podcasts


Here we are again – the end of another wonderful season of Asking for a Friend. Yet again, I’m in awe of the experts and guests I’ve had the privilege of speaking to and thrilled with the topics I’ve been able to share with you.

This season I’ve wanted to cover a range of topics that we need to be speaking more about, understanding better and particularly, a lot of topics I wish we would normalise and share more openly on.

In this season’s final episode, I answer the following questions:

1) I get super wet. Sometimes I get shy about it. Is it normal? I know men love it but I worry.

2) I never want sex anymore, what can I do to change this?

3) Are sex toys degrading towards men?

4) I struggle with pain during sex. I can use tampons and worked with a physio to manage this on my own but as soon as a man comes near me, I freak out. Why can’t I get over this?

5) I want to become a sexologist… how do I do this? I’m in my first year at university studying.

I can’t wait for some very exciting content coming your way soon. Keep an eye out for what’s next on Asking for a Friend.

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Ever had a question you felt too embarrassed to ask, and instead asked that question “for a friend”?
Hosted by Clinical Sexologist and Psychotherapist Catriona Boffard, Asking for a Friend brings you fascinating and interesting conversations about sex, intimacy, relationships, and mental and physical health. In each episode, Catriona will bring you evidence-based information and real-world advice on topics that are not often discussed but that we really need to normalise and talk more about. She’s joined by special guests who are all experts in their fields or have lived experiences of these topics. Follow Catriona on Instagram at @sexologywithcatriona


Download the full episode here: Asking For A Friend: Season four finale Q&A - S4E11 on Apple Podcasts


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