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My Sexual Health (MSH) Online Group Supervision:

Clinical supervision is crucial for all healthcare providers, particularly those in Sexual Health, Pelvic Health, and Sexology. However, arranging and financing supervision has traditionally been a challenge.

MSH has addressed this issue by creating an accessible and affordable structure for clinical supervision. The team consists of highly qualified Medical Doctors, Psychosexual Therapists, and experienced Pelvic Function Physiotherapists with advanced degrees in Sexual Health. With their expertise and years of experience treating patients with sexual dysfunction, MSH provides a reliable platform for healthcare providers to receive supervision.

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision is a transformative process that fosters professional growth, skill development, and establishing a trusting relationship between supervisors and supervisees. Through this dynamic exchange, healthcare providers can enhance their expertise, expand their capabilities, and advance their proficiency in their respective fields.

What to Expect from MSH Clinical Supervision Sessions:

Supervision establishes a nurturing environment where you can confidently seek guidance from highly qualified and experienced supervisors. However, it offers more than just answers to clinical questions. Within this space, you will receive invaluable emotional support, cultivate essential soft skills for clinical practice, experience personal and professional growth, and develop a profound understanding of ethical and safe professional conduct.

Participating in MSH Clinical Supervision offers an array of valuable benefits, including:

  • Enhancement of skills, competence, and confidence in providing sex counselling and other sexual health services to patients/clients.
  • Creation of a reflective space accompanied by emotional support.
  • Professional development opportunities for growth as a Sexual Healthcare Provider.
  • Provision of guidelines to ensure the delivery of safe and ethical services to patients/clients.
  • Assurance of compliance with professional treatment standards and guidelines.

By engaging in MSH Clinical Supervision, healthcare providers can bolster their abilities, receive the necessary support, and align their practices with the highest standards of care in the field of sexual health.

Within each session, you will have the opportunity to present a clinical case that poses specific challenges for you. Then, under the supervisor's guidance, a transformative process unfolds, enabling you to delve into the clinical aspects of the case, confront your challenges head-on, and reach a point where you feel at ease in providing treatment to the patient. Additionally, the ethical dimensions of the case and your emotional responses will be carefully explored, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the situation and promoting your growth as a practitioner.

How many people will be in the group?

Each group in the MSH supervision program is intentionally limited to a maximum of five individuals.

The beauty of group supervision lies in the invaluable learning experience derived from mutual exchange, as we all learn from one another and collectively evolve as clinicians. Moreover, group supervision offers a more cost-effective solution compared to individual supervision, ensuring accessibility without compromising the quality of support and growth opportunities provided.

We all learn from each other and become better clinicians in the process.

How long are the supervision sessions?

Up to two hours

How do I book a MSH Supervision Session?

  • Follow the link for the Supervisor you prefer.
  • Purchase your session online.
  • Complete the Supervision Contract that will be provided once you have made your purchase.

You will receive a Zoom link via email.  

Your responsibilities:

  • Sign your supervision contract.
  • Prepare a case to be discussed. 
  • Sign in for your session on time.
  • Keep you camera switched on during the session, but your mic on mute, unless it is your turn.
  • Do not move around, interact with other people, do other work on your computer or phone or eat during the whole duration of the session. In order for you to be credited for your session, you will have to be engaged during the entire session, even when it is not your case that is being discussed.
  • Complete the supervision form online after your session.
  • Maintain confidentiality. MSH Supervision is only available for registered healthcare professionals. Real patient cases will be discussed during these sessions and people will share openly. Please be respectful and maintain confidentiality at all times.  

What kinds of supervision is available at MSH?

  • Sexual Medicine
  • Psychosexual 
  • Physiotherapy 

At least 5 hours of clinical supervision is expected from every MSH Team Member each year and all new MSH Members must meet the criteria for Clinical Supervision according to their specific profession. 

MSH Team Members and Members of the MSH Sexology Club, get 30% discount on MSH Supervision Sessions.

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