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MSH (My Sexual Health) is an organisation specialising in the development, support and accreditation of credible sexual health providers.

The MSH Accreditation program aims to empower and uplift credible sexual health providers in the Global South, particularly. 

We believe that credible sexual health providers can address some of the biggest challenges we face as a society - gender-based violence, teenage pregnancies, HIV rates, and more. We also know that being a credible sexual health provider is one of the most rewarding career paths any healthcare provider can follow - whether you are a medical specialist or general practitioner, psychologist, counsellor, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist or nurse. 

An accredited provider refers to an individual that has been subjected to a vigorous process of assessing and validating their training, their competency, and their ability to adhere to established standards of care, guidelines, policies and ethical codes. 

MSH Accreditation is a voluntary process that demonstrates that the provider has met or exceeded specific standards of quality and professionalism. 

This blog will explore the entry requirements for MSH accreditation and the benefits of participating in this transformative movement.

For additional information, contact our Training and Education Manager, Delene van Dyk at


Entry Requirements for MSH Accreditation

To gain MSH Accreditation and be accepted as an MSH Team Member, aspiring sexual health providers need to meet certain requirements. These requirements ensure that individuals possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to make a meaningful impact in their communities. 

Here are the entry requirements for MSH accreditation:

  1. Academic Learning:Complete a minimum of 60 hours of academic learning in sexual health. If formal qualifications are not obtained, MSH recommends completing the Sexology Super Starter Pack (SSSP) to fulfil this requirement. Courses from other institutions may also be considered.
  2. Case Studies or Course Assignments:Submit ten case studies or course assignments to demonstrate a practical application of knowledge.
  3. Live Q&A Sessions:Attend ten live Q&A sessions to engage with experts and enhance your understanding of sexual health topics.
  4. Clinical Supervision Sessions:Complete five clinical supervision sessions to receive guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals.
  5. Sexual Attitude Reassessment (SAR) Training:While no longer mandatory, SAR Training is strongly advised for MSH team membership. It helps individuals examine their attitudes, beliefs, and biases towards sexuality, fostering a more inclusive and sensitive approach to sexual health.

Benefits of MSH Accreditation

    1. Enhanced Credibility:MSH accreditation adds credibility to sexual health providers.
    2. Recognition of Quality: MSH accreditation can increase trust from patients/clients and colleagues
    3. Empowerment:Accredited providers become part of a network of like-minded professionals dedicated to improving sexual health. This network offers support, collaboration, and opportunities for professional growth.
    4. Positive Community Impact: By becoming an MSH-accredited credible sexual health provider, individuals can contribute to improving the well-being of their communities. 
    5. Opportunities for Leadership: Accredited Credible Sexual Health Providers are encouraged to take on leadership roles, empowering them to drive positive change on a larger scale. They can become advocates, educators, and influencers in the field of sexual health.
    6. Lifting Women out of Poverty: MSH emphasises the importance of improving women's sexual health as a means to lift them out of poverty. 

MSH Team Membership Fees

MSH requires a financial commitment from its team members to support the accreditation programme and sustain the resources provided. The membership fees vary based on the profession. Here are the details:

  • Once-off Registration Fee: R2,500
  • Medical Doctors: 125 USD per month or R22,500 per year
  • Psychologists/Counsellors: 62.50 USD per month or R11,500 per year
  • Physios/Occupational Therapists/Nurses: 50 USD per month or R9,000 per year

Payment terms depend on the chosen plan. Monthly payments are charged in USD through an online subscription, while annual fees are invoiced in South African Rands (ZAR) and require payment into a South African bank account. The total amount includes VAT.

If you're passionate about sexual health and want to join our mission, reach out today and take the first step towards becoming an accredited sexual health provider.

For additional information, contact our Training and Education Manager, Delene van Dyk at

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