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A slightly curved penis can be perfectly normal! Many men have a penis that bends slightly downwards or to the left or right when it is erect.

There is no need to treat a curved penis, unless it is associated with erection problems, painful erections, shortening of the penis or a difficulty with penetration. 

What is a Congenital Penile Curvature?

Some men are born with a curved penis. It is present from birth (although it is usually only seen when the penis gets erect) and it does not really get better or worse over time.

A curved penis in a child should not be a reason for concern. A child’s genitals should neverbe surgically corrected unless it is a medical emergency.  Older men could opt for surgery, but it is strongly advised against, unless they cannot manage to have penetrative intercourse due to the curvature.

What is Peyronie’ Disease:

Peyronie’s disease is the most common causes of a curved penis.  There is a plague formation in the fibrous layer surrounding the spongy tissue of the penis, which causes the penile curvature.  Usually due to repeated micro-trauma (small injuries).  There can also be a familial connection. Some men with Peyronie’s Disease have other connective tissues diseases.

In most cases the plaque or a lump in the penis that can be felt under the skin or at least seen on ultrasound. In the early stage, it is usually painful when touched. Later on, the pain most often disappears.

The penile curvature happens out of the blue. It usually gets worse over a period of time and then stays the same.  In some cases, it resolves spontaneously.  The major concerns for men with Peyronie’s disease are erectile dysfunction, painful erections, inability to have penetrative sex and shortening of the penis.

At MSH, we offer medical treatment for Peyronie’s Disease as well as PRP injections   Please book an appoint with one of our doctors if you would like more information about the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease.

Can Penile Suspensory Ligament (PSL) abnormalities cause a curved penis?

PSL abnormalities is a less well-known cause for a curved penis.  There are three different ligaments that basically anchor the penis to the body and keep it in position when it is erect. There can be tightness in these soft tissue structures, that can lead to a curved penis. PSL abnormalities can also lead to erectile dysfunction and even pain in the penis or testis.  These abnormalities can usually be corrected by very specialised pelvic function physiotherapist. For a list of the MSH physiotherapists who can help with a curved penis, click here.

Watch this interesting YouTube video by a Urologist from India, explaining penile curvatures.

Written by:  Dr Elna Rudolph 

Clinical Head of MSH



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