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No sex, no baby

By Dr. Elna Rudolph. Published in The Specialist Forum, Jan/Feb 2015. For those who do not desire to fall pregnant, it seems almost unavoidable and for those couples who would desperately like to have a child, it can feel almost impossible. We have some of the most advanced treatment technologies for the management of the […]


How orgasm is reached

Only about a third to half of all women can orgasm during penetrative sex. Are you one of them? Read on… Think of the movie No Strings Attached: The first time they have sex, she tells him that he has exactly forty five seconds to do his thing and then three thrusts later they both orgasm […]

Best Vibrators – As reviewed by medical doctors

I am actually quite surprised to see how few of my female patients are utilising the wondrous little invention that is a vibrator. If you are one of those who are skeptical, you are probably thinking of the massive vibrating dildos with angry looking rabbits and metallic bits rotating fiercely inside of them or the […]

Why did Angelina get a mastectomy?

Angelina Jolie’s mother died at age 56 after a 10-year battle with breast cancer. After testing positive for the BRCA mutation, Jolie decided to have a prophylactic mastectomy. BRCA stands for Breast Cancer Susceptibility Gene. There are two types of classification for the gene, namely BRCA1 and BRCA2. All of us — both men and […]