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Painful Intercourse

Painful Intercourse: An article to help doctors make the right diagnosis This article was written by our clinical head, Dr Elna Rudolph, and was published in Nociceptive Views. It is intended to help doctors make the right diagnosis and offer the appropriate treatment for patients experiencing painful sex. Have a look at our products for […]

Celebrating Transgender Women in Women’s Month

On the last day of Women’s Month 2018, Dr Elna Rudolph was interviewed on Cliff Central, together with a very interesting panel ranging from the well-known host of the show Jonti Searll, to Trans Activist Lee-Anne Walker and Femininity Consultant Suret Alive. The theme was celebrating trans women and Dr Elna’s contribution focused on gender […]

Oestrogen Side-Effects and Complications

In our experience at MSH, trans females or non-binary individuals requesting Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment feel great on oestrogen.  We always start with a low dose and work up slowly to avoid unwanted side-effects.  The following side-effects may occur at any dose but is more likely to happen at higher dosages.  Most of them disappear […]

My Broken Vajayjay

Painful intercourse is one of the most common conditions I treat. Each patient has a unique journey and a special story. Jo was one of those who had a unique story and she was kind enough to share it with us… Dr Elna Rudolph Clinical Head of My Sexual Health   Jo’s Story: My Broken […]

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35 Titillating Stats About South Africans’ Sex Lives

In October [2017], Sunday Times Lifestyle conducted a sex survey in association with local research house Ratepop, using their proprietary chatbot technology. This chatbot is a computer program, designed to simulate conversation with human users, and is hosted on Facebook Messenger. As part of the survey, more than 2,000 ordinary South Africans with internet access […]

CHANGING GENDER: Things that matter!

Many of my transgender patients want to go through the process of having their names and gender markers changed on their IDs. I provide them with the letter they need, but the process involves much more than that.  I asked one of my patients, Max, to share his journey with you, which he very kindly […]



Sensate focus therapy is one of the most well-known techniques used in Sex Therapy. It can be applied to almost any sexual dysfunction in men and women. It involves petting, massaging, intimate touch and foreplay – both sensual and sexual. Sensate focus helps you and your partner to get to know each other’s bodies better. […]

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Dilators – a breakthrough in treating painful intercourse

Silicone Dilators About the new MSH Silicone Dilators This product is our pride and joy because it has helped so many couples to have pain-free intercourse. They have been custom made here in South Africa, according to the needs of the thousands of individuals and couples that the My Sexual Health (MSH) doctors have treated […]