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MSH Membership

My Sexual Health (MSH) offers membership to healthcare providers with a special interest in Sexual Health. Contact us if you are interested in joining the biggest team of Sexual Health Providers in South Africa.

MTF Transgender Image Consulting

Did you know that it is a thing? Image Consulting specifically for Transgender clients. At My Sexual Health, we have had a long relationship with Suret Alive, who is an internationally trained image consultant for Transgender clients! She has helped many of our MTF patients become the woman they know that they are on the […]


Dr Elna Rudolph on the MINKI Show

Minki van der Westhuizen is one of the most loved South Africa celebrities.  She is the presenter of the MINKI Show – a talk show where she invites famous South Africans into her lounge for heartfelt discussions.  The show is in its 5th season and loved by many South Africans. Dr Elna Rudolph, the Clinical […]

Sex and COVID-19

Is sex safe during the COVID-19 pandemic? Sex is safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, but not all sex is safe.  Take the following things into consideration: 1. Don’t have sex with sick partners (even if the diagnosis of COVID-19 has not been confirmed yet). If your partner is sick, they need to be in isolation. […]


Sex Addiction

WHAT IS SEX ADDICTION? Sex addiction is a process addiction (similar to food addiction or an eating disorder). Process addictions differ to substance addictions in that they begin early on in life once a blueprint has been laid out by the child or teenager. Sex addicts have all the same characteristics of substance addicts, but […]

Gender Dysphoria

On May 25, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) approved a major change to its global manual of diagnoses, which will greatly benefit transgender people around the world. ‘Gender Dysphoria’ (or Gender Incongruence) has replaced ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ in diagnostic terminology, effectively removing gender non-conformity from its classification as mental disorder and reframing it in […]