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Sex Addiction

WHAT IS SEX ADDICTION? Sex addiction is a process addiction (similar to food addiction or an eating disorder). Process addictions differ to substance addictions in that they begin early on in life once a blueprint has been laid out by the child or teenager. Sex addicts have all the same characteristics of substance addicts, but […]

Gender Dysphoria

On May 25, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) approved a major change to its global manual of diagnoses, which will greatly benefit transgender people around the world. ‘Gender Dysphoria’ (or Gender Incongruence) has replaced ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ in diagnostic terminology, effectively removing gender non-conformity from its classification as mental disorder and reframing it in […]

Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment for Transgender People

We see many transgender and non-binary patients at MSH. These are the principles that apply when we offer gender affirming hormone treatment… We hope you find them helpful and that we see you at one of our practices shortly! 1. Leaving gender dysphoria untreated is harmful to most people and is associated with a much […]


Why use lubrication

Lubrication 101 This article on lubricants was written by Boitumelo Matshaba for Move! Magazine.  Dr Elna Rudolph shares her insights and experience with lubricants to improve things in the bedroom. Make sure you also check out our products to enhance sexual pleasure. Written by Dr Elna Rudolph Written by Dr Elna Rudolph – Clinical Head […]


Painful Intercourse

Painful Intercourse: An article to help doctors make the right diagnosis This article was written by our clinical head, Dr Elna Rudolph, and was published in Nociceptive Views. It is intended to help doctors make the right diagnosis and offer the appropriate treatment for patients experiencing painful sex. Have a look at our products for […]

Celebrating Transgender Women in Women’s Month

On the last day of Women’s Month 2018, Dr Elna Rudolph was interviewed on Cliff Central, together with a very interesting panel ranging from the well-known host of the show Jonti Searll, to Trans Activist Lee-Anne Walker and Femininity Consultant Suret Alive. The theme was celebrating trans women and Dr Elna’s contribution focused on gender […]


Botox Injections for Sexual Pain, Vaginismus and Vulvodynia

Botox has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for sexual pain, vaginismus and more recently also for vulvodynia.   Depending on the diagnosis and cause of the pain, it is used in conjunction with various other medical treatments, physiotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy and sex therapy.  We do not recommend it as first line therapy […]

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Kyleena – The Hottest New Birth Control Option

Kyleena is a new intra-uterine system (IUS) very similar to the Mirena.  It is a device that is inserted into the uterus to serve as a so-called Long-Acting Reversable Contraceptive (LARC) and it’s a great option for every woman from as early as the teenage years (yes, you can use the Kyleena even if you […]

Oestrogen Side-Effects and Complications

In our experience at MSH, trans females or non-binary individuals requesting Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment feel great on oestrogen.  We always start with a low dose and work up slowly to avoid unwanted side-effects.  The following side-effects may occur at any dose but is more likely to happen at higher dosages.  Most of them disappear […]

My Broken Vajayjay

Painful intercourse is one of the most common conditions I treat. Each patient has a unique journey and a special story. Jo was one of those who had a unique story and she was kind enough to share it with us… Dr Elna Rudolph Clinical Head of My Sexual Health   Jo’s Story: My Broken […]

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35 Titillating Stats About South Africans’ Sex Lives

In October [2017], Sunday Times Lifestyle conducted a sex survey in association with local research house Ratepop, using their proprietary chatbot technology. This chatbot is a computer program, designed to simulate conversation with human users, and is hosted on Facebook Messenger. As part of the survey, more than 2,000 ordinary South Africans with internet access […]

CHANGING GENDER: Things that matter!

Many of my transgender patients want to go through the process of having their names and gender markers changed on their IDs. I provide them with the letter they need, but the process involves much more than that.  I asked one of my patients, Max, to share his journey with you, which he very kindly […]