We insert the Mirena at affordable rates.

The Mirena is a form of contraception. It is a device that is inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. It contains a hormone called levonorgestrel than is released into the womb on a daily basis for up to five years. It prevents pregnancy by thickening the cervical mucous to make it impossible for sperm from enter the womb.

The Mirena can be inserted at any age, as long as you have had three menstrual cycles. It can be done even if you have not had children yet and directly after the birth of your baby, since it does not interfere with breastfeeding. The Mirena is also not affected by the use of antibiotics or any other medication and can be used in most chronic diseases.

Although it lasts for five years, you can remove it at any point – it is very easy to remove. Most ladies will bleed much less when they are using the Mirena, due to the irritation of the lining of the womb. Some even stop bleeding completely and this is absolutely normal and not dangerous.

We think the Mirena is the contraceptive that is the least likely to interfere with your sex life, but each person is different and we will have a thorough discussion about the pro’s and con’s in your specific situation.

Click here for the official Mirena website (www.Mirena.com).

The Mirena must be inserted while you are menstruating. If you are certain when your period is going to start, please make the appointment for day two of your menstruation. If you are not sure, please phone us on the first day of your cycle and we will see where we can make a plan for you.

Conscious sedation is offered during the procedure. A Dormicum injection will help you to relax, but still be awake. You will have no recollection of the procedure, which makes it much less traumatic. You will be asked to insert a Voltaren (or equivalent) anal suppository an hour before the procedure for pain relief.

You are welcome to have your partner or any other person present with you in the theatre. If all of these measures are taken, it is usually not a traumatic experience at all. You are not allowed to eat for 6 hours prior to the procedure and will not be allowed to drive up to 8 hours after the procedure . You can drink clear fluids up to 2 hours before the procedure. Please arrange for somebody to take you home.

The Mirena can be inserted without conscious sedation, especially if you have already had children. It can also be done as soon as 6 weeks after the delivery of your baby.

To remove the Mirena or any other IUD: This procedure can be done during a normal consultation, and is not painful at all under normal circumstances. You can phone our rooms at 086 7272 950 to make a standard appointment if you want to have the Mirena removed.

Please note: If you want to fall pregnant, arrange a consultation (telephonic consultations will be sufficient for existing patients) to make sure you have all the necessary immunisations and blood tests done before you remove your Mirena.

Check out this cool video of what it really is like to get a Mirena at My Sexual Health:

Make an appointment with Dr. Jeanne Aspeling / Dr. Jireh Serfontein

Initial consultation

Cost: R800 / R830

Insertion of Mirena

With sedation: R1700 / R1850
Without sedation: R1100 / R1100

Please Note:

If your Mirena is inserted by Dr. Elna Rudolph, it will be charged at R2100 with sedation, or R1350 without sedation.