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7 Ways Brain Health can improve your Sex Life

7 Ways Brain Health Will Improve your Sex Life Written by: Annie Lizstan for My Sexual Health Make no mistake; the brain is indeed the ultimate sex organ.  The response to sexual stimulation ultimately begins in the brain, and this is…


Deur Mariette Snyman, gepubliseer in Rooi Rose, Maart 2014. As ’n vrou met behoudende waardes skielik konstante seksuele opwekking ervaar – en dit sonder ’n waarneembare oorsaak – kan haar lewe ’n volslae nagmerrie word. Lees…
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Wedding Night - What to Expect

Published by Femagene. Many newlyweds experience nervousness before their first night of having sex. This educational video will give you some peace of mind of what to expect and how to curb the tension.
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Candida or Thrush

Published by Femagene. Dr. Elna Rudolph shares everything you need to know about candida and how to prevent and treat it.
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What to Expect When You Go for Your Pap Smear

Published by Femagene. Dr. Elna shares her insight on what to expect when you go for a papsmear and, of course ,who and how often a woman should go for one. Most women are terrified of what to expect - in this educational video Dr.…
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Dealing with his high libido

  The typical couple that the MSH doctors see, is there because the woman has a low libido – she does not want to have sex as often and as desperately as her man does. This is quite normal, since men’s testosterone levels are…

Do's and don'ts of female hygiene

Published by Femagene. Dr. Elna Rudolph, specialising in the field of sexuality, shares her knowledge on what women should or shouldn't do when it comes to intimate hygiene.
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Sexual Health Tests: What You Need When

Published in Clicks Clubcard Magazine, June 2015. Knowing your ‘status’ isn’t only about HIV. Getting checked out for other STIs is crucial to protect your health – and your fertility. Flavoured condoms for everyone? This is…

Things to do before you fall pregnant

Did you know that there are many things that you can do before you fall pregnant to increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby? Here are some of them… Get a full physical examination and ask your doctor to check…
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Let’s talk about sex

In today’s complicated and tricky world, sex is becoming an increasingly more difficult thing to define. “Sex” can mean vastly different things to different people. Each person has their own particular definition of what it means to…

The Politics Of Pubes

By Emma Anderson, Women's Health Magazine. Our nether-regions seem to be undergoing widespread deforestation… but why? WH takes a look at that increasingly endangered species, the female pube. Muff, lady garden, bush, beaver… the…