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Sex and Pain

Many women who complain about low libidos actually experience pain during sex, according to Dr Elna Rudolph, head of the multi-disciplinary team at My Sexual Health in Pretoria. "When it comes to sex, some medical practitioners feel out…
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The ins and outs of a sexologist

When people find out that I’m a “sex doctor”, it is either a great conversation starter or the ultimate convo killer. Yes, I’m a sex therapist – but I’m also a qualified medical doctor. Some think I watch people have sex, others…
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RSG: Pynlike Seks en Lae Libido (Pod Cast: Painful Sex and Low Libido)

RSG: Seks en Jy, 22 Julie 2016. Martelize Brink gesels met Dr. Elmari Mulder Craig en Dr. Elna Rudolph oor seksuele disfunksie by vroue, met die fokus op pynlike seks en lae libido.
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7 Ways Brain Health can improve your Sex Life

7 Ways Brain Health Will Improve your Sex Life Written by: Annie Lizstan for My Sexual Health Make no mistake; the brain is indeed the ultimate sex organ.  The response to sexual stimulation ultimately begins in the brain, and this is…


Deur Mariette Snyman, gepubliseer in Rooi Rose, Maart 2014. As ’n vrou met behoudende waardes skielik konstante seksuele opwekking ervaar – en dit sonder ’n waarneembare oorsaak – kan haar lewe ’n volslae nagmerrie word. Lees…
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Wedding Night - What to Expect

Published by Femagene. Many newlyweds experience nervousness before their first night of having sex. This educational video will give you some peace of mind of what to expect and how to curb the tension.
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Dealing with his high libido

  The typical couple that the MSH doctors see, is there because the woman has a low libido – she does not want to have sex as often and as desperately as her man does. This is quite normal, since men’s testosterone levels are…
Dr Elna Rudolph

Doctor's Q & A: Meet the Expert

Published in Health Intel, Jul/Aug 2015. Sexual-health expert Dr Elna Rudolph heads up My Sexual Health – a team of health professionals in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Witbank that offers treatment for all sex- and relationship-related…
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No sex, no baby

By Dr. Elna Rudolph. Published in The Specialist Forum, Jan/Feb 2015. For those who do not desire to fall pregnant, it seems almost unavoidable and for those couples who would desperately like to have a child, it can feel almost impossible.…

Toekoms is sekskliniek in elke stad

Deur Tarien Hatting, gepubliseer in Sake24, 20 Oktober 2014. Tarien Hatting gesels met Dr. Elna Rudolph van My Sexual Health. Lees die volledige artikel hier.
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Q: Am I bisexual or a lesbian?

Q: For the first time in my life I had an erotic dream about a hot girl that I work with and now and can’t stop thinking about her. Does that mean I am bisexual or a lesbian? A: Not necessarily. What you are describing is actually…