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Honeymoon Crash Course - Sexual Health 101

By Dr Elna Rudolph. Wedding night jitters? Welcome to Sexual Health 101 – find everything you need to know about sex and your sexual health before you set off on your honeymoon.   Start getting excited about sex! It…
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How are your erections?

Published by Bayer Men's Health SA. How are Your Erections? Discussion with Dr. Elna Rudolph. Brought to you by Bayer in the interest of men’s health. #owntheoomph
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Sex After 50?

How to make it an easier (bicycle) ride… By Dr. Elna Rudolph. MBChB (UP); MHSc: Sexual Health (US, Aus); FECSM (Fellow of the European Committee for Sexual Medicine) Warming up: Sex after the age of fifty is not unlike cycling after…

Not tonight Darling… I have a headache (in the pelvis!)

Pelvic pain, like headaches, can have a significant impact on a patient’s sexual functioning, relationship and quality of life.  The common perception is that a headache is the cliché excuse for avoiding intercourse.  But what if the…


By Pablo Sennett. Partly edited by Dr. Elna Rudolph. No matter how solid your relationship, you’ll never get away from everyday stress. But you can make sure it doesn’t burn the house down. Here’s how to stop fanning the flames. The…
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The Complications of Untreated Chlamydia

By Rebekah Kendal. We take a closer look at the complications that men and women might experience as a result of untreated chlamydia. Because at least half of the people with chlamydia don't experience any symptoms, it is possible…
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Sex Marks the Spot - Sexual Exploration

*Adapted by Dr. Elna Rudolph from an Article in Woman’s Health Magazine, authored by Kirsty Carpenter and Maressa Brown. In this article, we explore various erogenous zones and offer some basic tips on how to stimulate your partner. First…
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Love Coach: The Sex Doctor Will See You Now

By Dr. Elna Rudolph, published in Women's Health Magazine, December 2014. WH's resident sex doc shares four of her actual cases with advice so real and raunchy, you'll want to try it tonight! Read the full article here.
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Seer Seks

Die navorsing wys dat soveel as een uit vyf vroue sukkel met pyn tydens seks.  In my praktyk vind ek dat meer en meer vroue daarvan kla en kom aanklop vir hulp. Ek werk al 'n geruime tyd saam met Dr. Elna Rudolph en die res van haar…
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Eager Beaver

By Nichi Hodgson, Originally published in Women's Health Magazine, 2015. Edited by Dr. Elna Rudolph. Things we love about vaginas: they have more names than Snoop Dogg. People have written poems, songs and plays about them, and in our…

The Science Of Lasting Love

By Georgia Rickard. A deep and sudden appreciation of Whitney Houston. An uncontrollable urge to share your feelings with YouTube. Twitter PDAs… When love first hits it can send the most level-headed of us loopy, but fast-forward a…


By Sarah Z Wexler The public convo surrounding the female orgasm has officially climaxed: last year, Nicki Minaj told a magazine that she demands one every single time she has sex (and thinks you should too); #GetCliterate blew up all…