The ins an outs of a sexologist

When people find out that I’m a “sex doctor”, it is either a great conversation starter or the ultimate convo killer. Yes, I’m a sex therapist – but I’m also a qualified medical doctor. Some think I watch people have sex, others…

From one trans to another

Coming to terms with being Trans is incredibly difficult. So is telling people, if you choose to. You spend all this time obsessing about how they are going to take it, or worrying about others simply not understanding. You spend hours trying…

SHARE: Global Community for Sex, HIV And Reproductive Empowerment

People Living with HIV and Healthcare Providers interested in HIV: Follow this link for information about a new Global Community for Sex, HIV And Reproductive Empowerment/Global SHARE. This is a community of providers, civil society members…

7 Ways Brain Health can improve your Sex Life

7 Ways Brain Health Will Improve your Sex Life Written by: Annie Lizstan for My Sexual Health Make no mistake; the brain is indeed the ultimate sex organ.  The response to sexual stimulation ultimately begins in the brain, and this is…
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STI (STD) Research at My Sexual Health

We are super excited about the new STI (STD) research project My Sexual Health is involved in through the University of Pretoria at our branches - in Johannesburg (Bryanston) and Pretoria (Silver Lakes).  Dr. Elna Rudolph, Dr. Jireh Serfontein…