Low Libido in Women

Low Libido in Women One of the sexual complaints I hear about most often from women visiting my practice, is of experiencing a low libido. Low libido, medically termed hypoactive sexual desire disorder, is when your lack of interest in…
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Sex Q & A with Dr. Elna Rudolph

Dr. Elna Rudolph answers a few questions about sex. My partner wants to try anal sex more often, but I don’t enjoy it. I’m worried that if I don’t do it, he will feel unfulfilled… There are certain no-no’s when it comes to sex…
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What is it really like to get a Mirena?

Published by Grow A Pair. We follow Lindi as she goes through the process of getting the Mirena inserted! The Mirena is a small, T-shaped hormonal intrauterine device classified as a long-acting reversible contraceptive method. Thank…
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What happens inside the sex doctor's rooms?

By Dr. Elna Rudolph, published in Women's Health Magazine, December 2014. WH's resident sex doc shares four of her actual cases with advice so real and raunchy, you'll want to try it tonight! Read the full article here.   Now…
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How to keep your vagina happy

By Nichi Hodgson, Originally published in Women's Health Magazine, 2015. Edited by Dr. Elna Rudolph. Things we love about vaginas: they have more names than Snoop Dogg. People have written poems, songs and plays about them, and in our…


Orgasm By Sarah Z Wexler The public convo surrounding the female orgasm has officially climaxed: last year, Nicki Minaj told a magazine that she demands one every single time she has sex (and thinks you should too); #GetCliterate blew…


Press release for Femagene. By Dr. Elna Rudolph. As little girls, we’re all taught the basics – ‘Don’t fiddle around down there!’ and ‘make sure you wipe in the right direction!’ Clearly, these reminders are important to…
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‘‘Viagra’’ vir vroue?

“Just close your eyes and think of England.” Glo koningin Victoria van Engeland se raad oor bedsake aan ‘n pas getroude dogter in die laat negentiende eeu. Dus: Dis jou plig teenoor volk en vaderland om vir ‘n nageslag te sorg,…
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What to Expect When You Go for Your Pap Smear

Published by Femagene. Dr. Elna shares her insight on what to expect when you go for a papsmear and, of course ,who and how often a woman should go for one. Most women are terrified of what to expect - in this educational video Dr.…

Do's and don'ts of female hygiene

Published by Femagene. Dr. Elna Rudolph, specialising in the field of sexuality, shares her knowledge on what women should or shouldn't do when it comes to intimate hygiene.