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Candid sexual health chat on Rooi Rose Radio’s latest podcast series

In the first season of Rooi Rose Radio’s new podcast series “Tussen Ons”, Mariette Snyman talks to experts on women's heart issues, sexual health and happy relationships. Be sure to listen to this groundbreaking series’ first three episodes…
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Dilators – a breakthrough in treating painful intercourse

Silicone Dilators About the new MSH Silicone Dilators This product is our pride and joy because it has helped so many couples to have pain-free intercourse. They have been custom made here in South Africa, according to the needs of the thousands…
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LOCALISED PROVOKED VULVAR PAIN (Vestibulodynia) -pain upon penetration of the vagina

Localised provoked vulvar pain (vestibulodynia) is a term used to describe pain upon penetration of the vagina. There is also tenderness to touch around the vaginal opening (vestibule) during physical examination. It occurs in women of all…


What is Vaginismus? Vaginismus is vaginal tightness causing discomfort, burning, pain, penetration problems, or complete inability to have intercourse. Depending on the intensity, Vaginismus symptoms range from minor burning sensations…

Not tonight Darling… I have a headache (in the pelvis!)

Pelvic pain, like headaches, can have a significant impact on a patient’s sexual functioning, relationship and quality of life.  The common perception is that a headache is the cliché excuse for avoiding intercourse.  But what if the…
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The Complications of Untreated Chlamydia

By Rebekah Kendal. We take a closer look at the complications that men and women might experience as a result of untreated chlamydia. Because at least half of the people with chlamydia don't experience any symptoms, it is possible…
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Seer Seks

Die navorsing wys dat soveel as een uit vyf vroue sukkel met pyn tydens seks.  In my praktyk vind ek dat meer en meer vroue daarvan kla en kom aanklop vir hulp. Ek werk al 'n geruime tyd saam met Dr. Elna Rudolph en die res van haar…
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How to keep your vagina happy

By Nichi Hodgson, Originally published in Women's Health Magazine, 2015. Edited by Dr. Elna Rudolph. Things we love about vaginas: they have more names than Snoop Dogg. People have written poems, songs and plays about them, and in our…
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Sex and Pain

Many women who complain about low libidos actually experience pain during sex, according to Dr Elna Rudolph, head of the multi-disciplinary team at My Sexual Health in Pretoria. "When it comes to sex, some medical practitioners feel out…
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RSG: Pynlike Seks en Lae Libido (Pod Cast: Painful Sex and Low Libido)

RSG: Seks en Jy, 22 Julie 2016. Martelize Brink gesels met Dr. Elmari Mulder Craig en Dr. Elna Rudolph oor seksuele disfunksie by vroue, met die fokus op pynlike seks en lae libido.