Many men suffer from low testosterone levels, which can have an effect not only on their sex lives, but also their general health and quality of life. Doing a blood test and completing a questionnaire about the typical symptoms of testosterone deficiency will help the doctor to make the diagnosis.

If you would like to answer the questionnaire to see if you might have symptoms of low testosterone levels, please click here.

Testosterone deficiency affects your heart, muscles, bones, the fat around your belly and your sexual functioning among other things.
It is necessary to look into all of these aspects if you suffer from low testosterone.

This is a treatable condition with very little risk. The most important point is not to give treatment to somebody with prostate cancer or heart failure in which case it can be very harmful. You will be thoroughly examined before treatment starts.

You will be asked to complete various questionnaires before you see the doctor. During the consultation the extent of the problem will be discussed as well as possible causes, further examinations necessary and a treatment plan.

A follow-up will be scheduled for six weeks or two later to discuss results and the effect of the treatment.

We suggest that you bring your partner along to the consultation.

*If you suspect that you might have low testosterone levels, you can contact us to ask for a blood request form to have your testosterone level tested. You will have to come in for an appointment to get the results though.

If you experience symptoms of low testosterone make an appointment with Dr Elna Rudolph

If you are already on treatment make an appointment with Dr. Jeanne Aspeling  / Dr Jireh Serfontein


Dr Elna Rudolph

Dr Elna Rudolph

Medical Doctor, Sexologist and Clinical Head of My Sexual Health


Dr Jireh Serfontein

Dr Jireh Serfontein

Medical Doctor and Sexologist

Cape Town

Dr Jeanne Aspeling

Dr Jeanne Aspeling

Medical Doctor

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