Urinary Test Strips - 50 strips Combur-Test 6®

Can I test for a bladder infection at home?

Yes! If you have the Combur-Test Urinary Test Strips!

We often see patients who get recurrent bladder symptoms which may feel like an infection, but it is not.  It is often a vaginal infection or just a nerve irritation that feels like a bladder infection.These patients end up spending unnecessary money and even worse, taking antibiotics way too often.

How do Urinary Tests Strips work?

You urinate into a cup. If you really suspect that it is a bladder infection, make sure you catch a midstream sample.  You then insert the test strip into the cup and wait one minute to read the result.

How to collect a midstream urine sample?


You have to wipe the genital area before urinating.  You pull the lips apart and let the first bit of urine fall into the toilet. You then catch the "middle bit" of urine in a clean cup and perform the dipstick test on the specimen.

How do you interpret a Urinary Test strip?
You check for LEUCOCYTES and NITRITES.  If any of those are present, you can let us know to send a prescription (if you are known patients to one of the MSH doctors) or come in for a consultation or go and see your own doctor for a prescription.

Patients have to make sure that they take a MID-STREAM sample.

If you find leucocytes on a normal sample and not on a mid-stream sample, it can be an indication that you have a VAGINAL infection. In that case you should also contact your doctor or get some products for infection from our website (Monogin and Vagiforte Plus), or from your local pharmacy (Canestan, Canalba, etc).  If it happens recurrently, we strongly recommend that you see one of our doctors for a thorough work-up.

We often tell patients to submit a sample to the lab if they find leucocytes on any test.

D-Mannose is a natural product that we use for the treatment and prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections.  It is the next step after citro-soda and cranberry supplements. It is also available in our shop. 

NB: If you have ANY CONCERNS, please see a doctor!

Urinary tract/bladder/kidney or vaginal infections can be very serious in some cases and even require hospitalisation.


  • A dry chemistry test for the early and reliable detection of kidney diseases, diabetes and urinary tract infection (UTI).

  • Used for prevention screening, treatment monitoring and patient self-testing.

  • Used as a trigger for further investigation - such as microscopic and bacteriological examination.

  • Available as a visual or instrument test strip.

  • Efficient analysis with a consistent reading time of 60 seconds for all parameters.

  • Applied nylon mesh ensures uniform penetration of the urine and uniform colour development.

  • Separate diazonium salt mesh improves reagent stability and colour differentiation in the leukocytes test.

  • Virtually eliminates vitamin C interference on the glucose and blood pads.

A quality choice for professional use

The Combur-Test® strip offers benefits in a number of areas:


    • Detects even low concentrations of glucose and erythrocytes/hemoglobin (5 – 10 Ery/mL) in the presence of vitamin C.


      • Eliminates retesting and false-negative results in glucose and blood, even under high levels of ascorbic acid (up to 400 mg/L) with the application of an iodate-impregnated mesh layer.


      • Unique sealing technology means no interference from glued components.

      • Absorbent paper stops test area colours running.

      • Colour compensation pad reduces risk of false results from strong intrinsic urine colouration*

      • Safe and hygienic strip handling - strips face downwards so your fingers stay clear of the specimen.

      ** Please note: Image my differ from actual product