Karen Swanepoel

Pelvic and Women’s Health Physiotherapist (Free State)

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Practice Number: 051 444 6260

Email: info@regain.co.za 

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Practice: 22 Brebner Road, Westdene, Bloemfontein

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Professional Registration Number: PT0080179

Karen is a Bloemfontein physiotherapist with a passionate interest in women’s health conditions. She completed her Women’s Health Physiotherapy Course and Examinations in 2011 and has been a member of the MSH team since then. Her special interests are pelvic pain, dyspareunia and pregnancy.

She is now a presenter of the Pelvic and Women’s Health Physiotherapy Training Programme and serves on their course planning committee. As an author and invited speaker she is a clear authority in her field.

Karen graduated in 2002 from the University of the Free State and has been working in private practice since 2004, in gynaecology, urology, ante- and postnatal fields.

Karen became more involved in pregnancy wellness while teaching pregnancy exercise classes for PreggiBellies in 2011-2013. She assists mothers with breastfeeding problems and works closely with local midwives to offer mothers a positive breastfeeding experience.

She treats urinary and faecal incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and gynaecological patients. She manages pre- and postnatal patients with diastasis recti-abdominis, and pelvic floor-, lower back- and symphysis pubis dysfunction and has treated multiple patients with vaginismus and unconsummated relationships.

In 2016 Karen travelled to Alkmaar and Almere to visit Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Clinics to further her knowledge in this field.

Since 2020 she has focused only on women’s health, opening new rooms in Dan Pienaar, and decreasing her hospital hours to offer more outpatient hours per week.


  • BSc Physiotherapy (UFS) 2002
  • Physiotherapy Medal for Top Fourth Year Student 2002
  • Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Breastfeeding training – 36-hour course- 2004
  • Orthopedic Manual Therapy Course and Examinations completed 2006
  • Women’s Health Physiotherapy Course Completed 2011 (Modules 1-5)
  • Level 2 APLD status in Women’s Health 2011
  • Various other Continued Professional Development activities

Additional Sexual Health Related Memberships:

Women’s Health Physiotherapy Group (WHPG) of South Africa


  • Lecturer for Module 4 of South African Society of Physiotherapy Special Interest Group PWHPG (Pelvic and Women’s Health Physiotherapy Group) since 2018 – Module on Ante-and Postnatal Physiotherapy and Breastfeeding – a Three Day Course.
  • Member of Course Planning Committee of PWHPG (2017 – present) involved in developing course material and updating contents to represent current best clinical evidence.
  • Presenter at GEMS maternity/pregnancy function in Bloemfontein
  • Presenter at two evening lectures for South African Society of
  • Physiotherapy Free State Branch

Publications/Articles in local magazines

Karen is the proud author of Female Bladder Conditions and Physiotherapy (2017) and Childhood Potty Problems Explained (2019) through her publishing house Regain Publications. She also hosts a blog on www.regain.co.za. She has also developed a children’s workbook to complement the therapy and information in a child-friendly manner.

Karen has written numerous articles for a number of magazines to help educate the public awareness on the role of physiotherapy in the management of pelvic floor problems, including articles about pregnancy and childhood pelvic conditions. She was also featured in the SA Physio magazine in the article “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Selves” in 2018, Baby prep your bodyPotty training, and Childhood constipation.

Official Registration:
  • Registered Physiotherapist in South Africa – HPCSA – PT 0080179
  • Registered Physiotherapist in New Zealand, Registration Number – 70-10767
  • Practice Number: PR NO: 0202274
  • Member of The Southern African Sexual Health Association

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