Dr Nicole Chilimigras

Medical Doctor - special interest in Sexual Health & Queer Sexual Health

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Practice Number: 021 439 6060




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1 Kloof Road

403 Medical Centre Seapoint 

Cape Town 

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Professional Registration Number: HPCSA 0847941

Hours of Clinical Health Work:  Between 500 and 1000

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I am a generalist Medical Doctor with a special interest in Sexual Health, as well as in Queer (Sexual) Health. I fell in love with primary health care during my rural internship and rural community service in the Eastern Cape.

My passion for Sex Education and Sexual Health grew each day, as I saw the outcomes of poor sex education in rural areas. I moved to Cape Town in order to further my academic career in Sexual Health as well as work alongside incredible colleagues with invaluable input.

While on this journey, it became apparent to my queer self, how a lot of sexual health narratives are around cishet-normative relationships and dynamics. I think there is so much that we can learn from one another’s experiences. I am excited to delve into this space and provide care in spite of the boxes and binaries that have come before us.

I believe that regardless of an individuals sexuality, gender, colour, socio-economic context, Sexual Health & Education elicits certain human commonalities, such as the need to experience and express our true selves. As such, I approach all individuals with an intersectional lens and an open mind.



Official Registration:
  • Registered Medical Doctor with the HPCSA
  • Practice number: HPCSA 0847941
  • Registration Number with other organization: SASHA 384 / PATHSA 63820077

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