Carren Hughes

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

To request an appointment, please contact me on:

Practice Number: 011 463 8255

Mobile: 082 327 0266


Website: Home | Carren Hughes

Practice: 6 Tugela Rd, Riverclub, Johannesburg.

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Professional Registration Number: PT0076384

Carren is a Physiotherapist with a special interest in Pelvic Health. She treats women with pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence as well as antenatal and postnatal complaints including anything from pelvic girdle pain to c-section or episiotomy scar pain, breast engorgement and rectus diastasis (separation of the abdominal wall).

Carren has been attending the MSH multidisciplinary team meetings since 2016 and has contributed to the treatment of multiple patients with sexual dysfunction over the years.


  • BSc. Physiotherapy (Hons) UCT (2001)
  • Postgraduate course work in Women’s Health including:
    – The Hypertonic Pelvic Floor
    – The Hypotonic Pelvic Floor
    – The Childbearing Year (Antenatal and Postnatal Care)

Official Registration:

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