About Us

My Sexual Health offers the most comprehensive array of sexual health services in Southern Africa. Our multidisciplinary team has the skills, resources, sensitivity and experience to serve all patients’ sexual health needs.

Meet the famous MSH Team!

Registered, trained, supervised and accountable.

My Sexual Health is all about CREDIBILITY. We make the credibility of each MSH Team Member clear, to help you find the right provider for YOU.

Passionate, ethical, kind, caring, accepting and inclusive.

For workable solutions, you need a healthcare provider who subscribes to a set of values that will put YOU first. At MSH, we can vouch for our team subscribing to these values.

MSH Doctors

MSH Accredited Medical Sexologists, Specialists and GPs with a Special Interest in Sexual Health)

MSH Counsellors and Therapists

MSH Accredited Psycho-Sexologists, Sex Therapists and Sex Counsellors)

MSH Physiotherapists

MSH Accredited Sexual Health and Pelvic Function Physiotherapists

MSH sex educators

MSH Accredited Sex Educators