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VAGIFORTE® Plus Tablets - Vaginal Probiotic Lactobacillus

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How to restore the natural bacteria in your vagina?

Vagiforte® Plus restores the normal bateria in the vagina. It is a probiotic, similar to what you would take if you are taking antibiotics of have bowel problems, but it contains  Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium - the two most important residents of your vagina.  If you struggle with recurrent candida (thrush) or bacterial vaginosis, it might be due to lack of these bacteria. 

You might experience itching, burning, a discharge, irritation or an unpleasant smell as signs of this imbalance. 

Antibiotic treatment and hormonal changes like menopause or even the pill or normal menstruation can bring on this imbalance. Another big culprit is excessive washing! Even stress can cause this imbalance.  

The MSH Doctors recommend Vagiforte Plus for all patients who have been diagnosed with a vaginal infection, especially if they struggle with recurrent infections.  In our experience, it works like a bomb!  It is so much better to take a vaginal probiotic than one that will just end up in your bowel!

For occasional infections or as prevention with antibiotic use, a once-off treatment should be sufficient.  If you struggle with recurrent infections, we suggest to take the treatment monthly, for three months, starting with the oral tablets for days, followed by the vaginal ones for another five days.

If you have an undiagnosed vaginal infection or struggle with recurrent vaginal infection, please rather visit one of the MSH doctors to get a specific diagnosis and the correct treatment.

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