D-MANNOSE - Natural Bladder Infection Solution

Natural treatment for bladder infection and uti

D-Mannose is a natural product that provides safe, fast and effective relief from the symptoms of Bladder and Urinary Tract Infections. It can also be used prophylactically to prevent recurrent infections.  



"We often consult patients who struggle with recurrent bladder infections.  Some get infections every time they have intercourse.  We suggest D-Mannose to prevent recurrent infections.  Our patients either take it daily, or a few times after sex to prevent infections.  It can also be used to treat light bladder infections instead of using antibiotics over and over again, damaging your body's natural bacteria.  Of course, there will be some bladder infections that do not respond to this natural treatment and will need conventional antibiotics, but we have found that it dramatically reduces the amount of times a patient needs antibiotics in a year."


Natural treatment for bladder infection and UTI

Now available in South Africa, D-Mannose is a pleasant tasting soluble powder that works quickly and prophylactically to stop UTIs in their tracks by flushing the bacteria from your system, thus ensuring that the infection won't recur.
D-Mannose has been in use in Europe, America and the rest of the world for decades. It’s simple to use and provides relief within hours. Best of all is that D-Mannose is 100% natural.  Derived from corn, white and sweet potatoes, beech or birch wood, D-Mannose is a six-carbon sugar that occurs naturally in many plants, fungi and fruit, including cranberry, which are known for their infection fighting properties.