Penile CurvatureMSH
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Curved Penis

Worried about a curved penis? There is no need for treatment, unless you have erection problems, painful erections, shortening of the penis or a difficulty with penetration. Find out more about the causes here. - Dr Elna Rudolph
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Increasing Sexual Pleasure in Men

How do men experience sexual pleasure? Is it different from women? What should you do if you don't experience pleasure? Get all of the facts here! - Dr Larisse Badenhorst
Increase Sexual Pleasure in WomenMSH 2020
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Increasing Sexual Pleasure in Women:

How to increase sexual pleasure in women, is one of the most common requests we get from men and women in our practices. Get some tips here! -Dr Jeanne Aspeling
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Your RIGHT to Sexual Pleasure

Sexual Pleasure is ons of your sexual rights! Get more information about your sexual pleasure here, including free online events to participate in.

MSH Membership

My Sexual Health (MSH) offers membership to healthcare providers with a special interest in Sexual Health. Contact us if you are interested in joining the biggest team of Sexual Health Providers in South Africa.

MTF Transgender Image Consulting

Did you know that it is a thing? Image Consulting specifically for Transgender clients. At My Sexual Health, we have had a long relationship with Suret Alive, who is an internationally trained image consultant for Transgender clients! She…
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Chlamydia – get tested & treated

Do you think you might have chlamydia? At MSH, we know it can be quite scary, but we also know how to diagnose and treat it and will put your mind at ease. Here are some answers to common questions about chlamydia: What is chlamydia? …

Gender Dysphoria

On May 25, 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) approved a major change to its global manual of diagnoses, which will greatly benefit transgender people around the world. 'Gender Dysphoria' (or Gender Incongruence) has replaced 'Gender…
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Do you know your sexual rights?

21 March marks Human Rights day in South Africa. Sexual rights are grounded in universal human rights that are already recognised across the globe. And for sexual health to be attained and maintained in societies, the sexual rights of all…
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Safe sex in the month of love

February is the month of love. That means the birds are doing it, the bees are doing it… Everyone will be getting it on this Valentine’s month, but before the fever of love raises the temperature, it may prove sensible to pause for a moment…

Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment for Transgender People

We see many transgender and non-binary patients at MSH. These are the principles that apply when we offer gender affirming hormone treatment… We hope you find them helpful and that we see you at one of our practices shortly! 1. Leaving…

Celebrating Transgender Women in Women’s Month

On the last day of Women’s Month 2018, Dr Elna Rudolph was interviewed on Cliff Central, together with a very interesting panel ranging from the well-known host of the show Jonti Searll, to Trans Activist Lee-Anne Walker and Femininity Consultant…