Get ready for season three of VIA's Uit Die Slaapkamer!

Uit Die Slaapkamer with Dr Elna Rudolph delivers candid conversations about sex and sexuality 

Don't miss season three of VIA's Uit Die Slaapkamer, a talk show that explores topics related to sexual health, intimacy, and taboo subjects. The show's host, the Clinical Head of My Sexual Health, Dr Elna Rudolph leads a panel of celebrities from diverse backgrounds, including a drag queen, food writer, and opera singer.

Research shows that knowledge about sexual health should not only be evidence-based but also experience informed and culturally relevant. That is what makes the full panel Uit Die Slaapkamer so valuable.

One of the main goals of Uit Die Slaapkamer is to open up conversations about subjects that are often considered taboo, such as libido and erection problems, consent, and sexual abuse. The show's panel provides valuable insights and information that can help people feel more comfortable discussing these important topics.

Dr Rudolph says that the show aims to help shift attitudes by providing culturally relevant information about sexual health. In addition, the diverse voices on the panel bring new perspectives and insights to the conversations, ensuring that viewers can learn something new with each episode.

Voices like that of panellist Wynand Kotze, better known as Tollie Parton, also add a different dynamic to the conversation. “I believe in creating a society where we can relate better to one another and where everyone feels safe and has a place.” 

For Lynelle Kenned, one of the panellists, the show's focus on parenthood and sexuality is particularly important. She believes that parents and anyone considering parenthood should watch the show to learn how to cultivate healthy relationships with their own sexuality and raise open-minded children.

Marinda Engelbrecht, another panellist, represents a generation that rarely discussed sex. She notes that in her youth, sex education was often limited to a small book left on her pillow by her mother. The show provides a much-needed platform for people to learn about sexuality and sexual health in a safe and open environment.

Ultimately, Uit Die Slaapkamer aims to create a more inclusive and informed society where people feel comfortable discussing sex and sexuality. 

The show has English subtitles and can be watched on DStv 147 or caught up on DStv Catch Up. So, mark your calendars for April 19th, and get ready for some candid conversations about sex!