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Did you know that it is a thing? Image Consulting specifically for Transgender clients.

At My Sexual Health, we have had a long relationship with Suret Alive, who is an internationally trained image consultant for Transgender clients!

She has helped many of our MTF patients become the woman they know that they are on the inside, on the outside too. The confidence she has given my patients who have been to see her, is just amazing! I wish it was possible to offer her services for free to every single patient. She meets you where you are and helps you get to wherever you want to be!

Of course, image is not important to all trans women. We don’t want you to fit into any box, but if you have personal goals you would like to meet, give a consultation with Suret a go!

Please see Suret’s latest newsletter below and sign up if you are interested.

Dr Elna Rudolph

Hello friend, I'm Suret!

I help MTF transgender friends, step by step, to physically develop the feminine style you have in mind for yourself and become ridiculously confident during your male-to-female transitioning journey.

If you feel very excited (but also a little scared) about the journey ahead, then I want to invite you into the sea of style inspiration I have to share with you! Because I KNOW you can make this a fun, light and memorable time of your life.

One of my favourite things to do is sit at my desk, turn on my computer and reach you from right where you're at with my message of HOPE for your femme style. I want you to become really good at your feminizing make-up techniques, to make the best decisions for your specific body shape when shopping for clothes (online or in-store), and to get really comfortable with feminine movement when developing good posture.

My story:

I have always loved adventure and sporty things, even summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro when I was only 16 years old, but I always struggled to find ways to dress showing more aspects of my personality and love for femininity.

Sadly, I ended up pushing my love for pretty clothes and girly frills to the side during my years as a psychology student where after I qualified as a Psychological Counsellor. I moved even further from my femininity when I became a Personal Fitness Trainer. Dressing in sporty clothing, trainers and peak caps every single day came with the job. But, the desire to learn more about clothing and style wouldn't go away and I eventually qualified as an Image Consultant. Hence the job description you see on my profiles: Style, Confidence and Fitness Coach.

What I truly enjoy about my passion is the positive impact good style, healthy confidence and reasonable fitness levels have on the deep health of my clients. And if you haven't seen it yet, I am incredibly passionate about the concept of deep health.

When my paths crossed with the team of My Sexual Health I discovered the immense image, confidence and fitness challenges that goes along with your MTF transition journey. I wanted to serve transgender clients with my knowledge and experiences and that is exactly what I am doing these days.

After expanding my horizons to learn more about MTF transitioning in New York, I turned my consultation process into a relaxed and safe space for you. Transitioning your style does not have to be difficult. My mission is to serve you with a space where you can learn, ask questions and practice until you feel confident to step forward to the next phase of your journey.

Whenever you're ready, here are 4 ways I can help you:


1. Online Style Consultation

You will start buying what you love and loving what you wear. You will never have to waste your money on buying an unflattering item again. You will make better decisions when shopping online or in-store because you will know what suits you and how to wear it. To book, click here.


2. Online Make-Up Lessons

Private online makeup lessons where I share easy, unique tricks to apply make-up in a way that will feminize your natural (and already beautiful) facial features. This will be your safe-space to practice over-and-over-again and ask as many questions as you need to until you feel you've mastered your goal. To book, click here.


3. Freebies on Facebook

You will benefit SO MUCH from all the videos and content available on this Facebook page. I really pour my heart into every little video to make sure I answer a question that might pop up for you during your male-to-female transitioning journey. I would hate for you to miss out on the FREE information I share here.


4. 1$ Posture & Flexibility

Your posture has a great impact on how your clothes sit. And poor posture not only makes your clothes look sloppy but it might even make an item that you paid a lot of money for, look really cheap! Working on better posture is a ridiculously easy way to improve your feminine image. To book, email me.

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