May 06, 2015 2 min read

In today’s complicated and tricky world, sex is becoming an increasingly more difficult thing to define. “Sex” can mean vastly different things to different people. Each person has their own particular definition of what it means to have a “healthy sex life”. I was asked by a student publication to address the question: “How should we as students view sex in our lives?” It is impossible to give a single straightforward answer to this question. For example, one student may view sex as a taboo, whereas another may see it as “fun” or as healthy part of a relationship. Each student is unique, with specific personal thoughts and opinions about sex. To attempt to prescribe an all-encompassing view that all students can apply to themselves, would be a futile task. The important message is that students, regardless of what their belief systems or personal choices are, should be encouraged to make informed choices and be safe. Safety cannot be stressed enough. Being “safe” is more than simply using condoms. “Safety” means looking after your health, which includes your sexual health. Medical concerns such as pap smears, family planning and HIV testing are just as important as addressing your personal concerns and ideas regarding sex and sexuality. Safety is not an issue of morality, safety is for everybody. Irrespective of your personal choices and behaviour regarding sex, sexuality and relationships, you should be addressing your sexual health. Campus Health Centres at Universities do provide sexual and gender health services. Our generation is unique in that we live in a world where information is so easily available. It is quite literally at our fingertips. When deciding how to view sex in your own life, endeavour to get all the information you need in order to make safe and fulfilling choices.

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