October 18, 2016 2 min read

Published by Femagene. If you’ve ever been on anti-biotics, been overly stressed, or had been using the wrong intimate hygiene products then you may have also experienced a fungal infection of the vagina, or Thrush - as it’s commonly known. The symptoms include itching, burning in the vaginal area, white, lumpy discharge, soreness and even a rash. Dr Elna Rudolph, medical doctor, sexologist and Femagene sexual health expert says this type of infection is relatively common in women. “Candida is a fungal infection in the body. There are many species of Candida, but the most common one is called Candida Albicansand it usually occurs normally in small amounts in the body.  When it overgrows, it causes the infection called candidiasis and can affect many parts of the body including the mouth, throat, oesophagus (food pipe) and the vagina, bladder or penis.” says Dr Rudolph. There are many factors that can cause the Candida to overgrow and cause an infection. These factors include antibiotics, stress, fragranced toiletries and steroid use amongst many others. Dr Rudolph says that there are a couple of ways that you might avoid contracting a yeast infection including:

  • Avoid bubble baths, fragranced lubes and soaps
  • Eat a well-balanced diet, avoiding too much sugar and carbohydrates
  • Take a supplement that includes lactobacillus specifically in the vagina
  • Avoid trousers that are too tight
  • Select natural fabrics like cotton when choosing underwear
  • Avoid sitting in very hot baths for too long
  • Avoid douching completely
  • Select feminine products that are fragrance free and sensitive.
According to Dr Rudolph the Femagene range has beendesigned specifically for women and their intimate areas and variants can be selected based on the specific requirements of each individual woman. Options to choose from range from fragrance free, pH balanced, specific plant extracts (such as Cajuputy essential leaf oil, Cleomilk®and Defensil®) mild surfactant based and paraben free options. For more information on Femagene, visit www.femagene.co.za

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