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Advanced Fertility Support Shake

Advanced Fertility Support is a delicious high protein shake scientifically…

Lady Prelox for Sexual Dysfunction

Lady Prelox sponsored the Low Libido Webinar so we gave them the opportunity to…

Orgasms without erections

Many men suffer with partial or full erectile dysfunction post prostatectomy. 

Your Cervix: What you need to know

January is cervical health awareness month and chances are that you haven’t…

Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

What is Female Athlete Triad Syndrome? Menstrual Dysfunction, Low Energy…

PrEP – Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

PrEP - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis A safe and effective HIV prevention strategy -…

Sexual Health Podcast with Dr Larisse Badenhorst

Dr Larisse Badenhorst joined The KickBack with Tshoolz & Thando on Massiv Metro…

5 FM MSH Dr Jireh Serfontein Mens Health

5 FM Men’s Sexual Health Podcast

5 FM Podcast on Men's Sexual Health with Dr Jireh Serfontein from MSH Pretoria.

Breathing and the Pelvic Floor

Not interested in breathing and your pelvic floor? Well, what if I told you the…

PSA – Prostate Specific Antigen

Have you had your PSA level checked recently?  Do you even know what it is!?…

Sexual Problems after Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer treatment may cause debilitating sexual dysfunction. Read more…

Puberty MSH Dr Jireh Serfontien


What to expect from puberty in boys and girls. An explanation of all the…

Breast Cancer Prof Elna McIntosh

Sex and Breast Cancer

People don't talk about sex to women with breast cancer. That should change! -…

Menopause Blog Dr Jeanne Aspeling

What is Menopause?

There are lots of false beliefs regarding menopause, its symptoms and…

Penile Curvature

Curved Penis

Worried about a curved penis? There is no need for treatment, unless you have…

Increasing Sexual Pleasure in Men

How do men experience sexual pleasure? Is it different from women? What…

Increase Sexual Pleasure in Women

Increasing Sexual Pleasure in Women:

How to increase sexual pleasure in women, is one of the most common requests we…

Your RIGHT to Sexual Pleasure

Sexual Pleasure is ons of your sexual rights! Get more information about your…

MSH Membership

My Sexual Health (MSH) offers membership to healthcare providers with a special…

Symptoms of HIV

COVID-19 and HIV

Sex and COVID-19

Sex Addiction

Gender Dysphoria


Why use lubrication

Painful Intercourse

How to Turn On Your Man

Low Libido in Women

Low Libido in Men

As jou lus geblus is

Kafoefel = Flink Dink

M is for Masturbation

My Broken Vajayjay

The HPV Vaccination


How’s Your Sex Drive?

When Your Libido Goes AWOL

HIV and safe conception



Sex After 50?


Seer Seks

The Science Of Lasting Love


Sex and Pain

From one trans to another

Bad Sex is a Health Warning

Birth Control Options


What the sexologist says

Candida or Thrush

No sex, no baby

How orgasm is reached

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