Contraception (family planning, birth control or prevention) is one of the most powerful public health tools for any country. Providing women with access to safe and effective contraception is a critical element of women’s health. Enabling women to make choices about their fertility is empowering and offers women better economic and social opportunities. Birth spacing also improves the opportunities for children to thrive physically and emotionally. For the National Contraception Guidelines press here

At My Sexual Health we will discuss all contraceptive methods available and decide which method will suite you best. There will also be enough time to do a Pap smear if needed as well as discuss concerns about sexually transmitted infections and immunizations, but not concerns about sexual dysfunction like low libido, pain during sex or problems with orgasm. Please schedule a fifty-minute appointment for that.

You do need to see a doctor every year about your contraceptive choice because there are certain things that need to be monitored. When you need a repeat prescription after six months it can be requested via email from your doctor, and the cost might be partially covered by medical aid depending on your particular and available cover.

Make an appointment with Dr. Jeanne Aspeling / Dr. Jireh Serfontein

First Session

Duration: 25min
Cost: R800 / R830

Follow-up Session

Duration: 25min
Cost: R595 / R600

Repeat Prescriptions:

Cost: R250 / R250