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How to keep your vagina happy

By Nichi Hodgson, Originally published in Women's Health Magazine, 2015. Edited by Dr. Elna Rudolph. Things we love about vaginas: they have more names than Snoop Dogg. People have written poems, songs and plays about them, and in our…
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Sex and Pain

Many women who complain about low libidos actually experience pain during sex, according to Dr Elna Rudolph, head of the multi-disciplinary team at My Sexual Health in Pretoria. "When it comes to sex, some medical practitioners feel out…
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Candida or Thrush

Published by Femagene. Dr. Elna Rudolph shares everything you need to know about candida and how to prevent and treat it.
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What to Expect When You Go for Your Pap Smear

Published by Femagene. Dr. Elna shares her insight on what to expect when you go for a papsmear and, of course ,who and how often a woman should go for one. Most women are terrified of what to expect - in this educational video Dr.…
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Sexual Health Tests: What You Need When

Published in Clicks Clubcard Magazine, June 2015. Knowing your ‘status’ isn’t only about HIV. Getting checked out for other STIs is crucial to protect your health – and your fertility. Flavoured condoms for everyone? This is…
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Let’s talk about sex

In today’s complicated and tricky world, sex is becoming an increasingly more difficult thing to define. “Sex” can mean vastly different things to different people. Each person has their own particular definition of what it means to…
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Should we vaccinate our daughters (and sons) against HPV?

By Anna Rich, published in Fair Lady Magazine, March 2013. The most common cancer in women in South Africa is cervical cancer. In most cases it's caused by human papiloma-virus (HPV). Now the HPV vaccine is available here - but it costs…
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Do I really need an annual gynaecological examination? YES!

Annual gynaecological examinations Annual gynaecological examinations, pap smears and STI screenings are not exactly something to look forward to – they are often uncomfortable, time-consuming and expensive. About a month ago the American…