Love your V - Course by Lisa Welsh

Helping you to reclaim this important part of your body, so you can unlock incredible pleasure and rekindle your relationship!

This course is for vulva owners and people who love someone with a vulva!

Did you know that the beliefs and emotions you hold about your genitals have a huge impact on the pleasure and sexual satisfaction you can experience? By healing the relationship with your V can open up a world of pleasure.

This course will address common worries and fears that people often hold around their vulva. The intention is to put your mind at ease and show you that your V is normal!

Dive in to learn the answers to those awkward questions you’ve been wondering about for years!

Course curriculum

  • Make Friends With Your V

    • 1.1 Why movie sex has so much to answer for

    • 1.2 What the heck is a V?

    • 1.3 Finally discover if your V is normal

    • 1.4 3 ways to feel more comfortable with your V

  • 2

    Discover Your V

    • 2.1 Let the truth empower you

    • 2.2 The vulva anatomy that history ignored for years

    • 2.3 The hidden anatomy of the vagina

    • 2.4 Uncovering the hidden world of the clitoris

    • 2.5 Demystifying the arousal process

  • 3

    Pleasure Your V

    • 3.1 The number 1 way to learn what you really like

    • 3.2 Discover why 9/10 vulva owners love lube

    • 3.3 Foolproof tips for pleasuring the vulva

    • 3.4 The truth about GSpot and Cervical Orgasms

    • 3.5 How to pleasure the anus without pain

    • 3.6 How to enhance pleasure with erogenous zones

    • 3.7 How to introduce sex toys without feeling embarrassed

  • 4

    Listen To Your V

    • 4.1 Why it's essential that you listen to your V

    • 4.2 Sex communication 101

    • 4.3 How to get out of your head in bed

  • 5

    Care for Your V

    • 5.1 Don't put soap there!

    • 5.2 Is pubic hair really unclean?

    • 5.3 Orgasm is a learnable skill

    • 5.4 Don't grin and bear it!

  • 6

    Bonus section: Love Your V

    • 6.1 Remember that you are amazing

    • 6.2 Yes, you do have time. You're just choosing other priorities.

    • 6.3 Create your own pleasure portal

    • 6.4 Let's celebrate you!

  • 7

    All Bonus Content

    • Free Q_A Love your V

    • ACCESS TO "BOUNDARIES" discount

    • Exclusive Intimate Touch discount

    • Interview with Lisa Welsh and Dolly Josette

    • Lisa Recommended Reading Page

    • Love Your V Positions for Vulva Own