Email Policy

MSH Email Policy:



The collection, handling and sharing of personal information is done according to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) of South Africa.  Available here:



Please refer to the MSH Email Signature Templates in the MSH Brand Manual. Only these templates are authorised to be used with MSH email addresses and the disclaimers to be added are compulsory.



All patient information collected by MSH Team Members and Licensed practices remain confidential and is subject to the POPIA in South Africa or similar protection internationally. Specifically, no email address collected by a MSH Team member or licensed practice is permitted to be shared with My Sexual Health Pty Ltd.

No personal information collected by MSH is to be shared with MSH Team Members, Licensed Practices or other person or organisation.


An exception to information sharing:

In the case of a person sending an email to a MSH address that is operated by a person in the employment of MSH, like; the person’s personal information might be shared with a specific licensed practice.  This is done in the process of service delivery to the person contacting MSH in order to put them into contact with the appropriate Healthcare Provider upon their request.

In any other case, or if there is any doubt regarding consent to share information, explicit consent should be obtained from the sender, before sharing their information with any third party within or outside MSH.



Email Marketing from My Sexual Health @mysexualhealth or any variation thereof, is done under the following principles:

  • Every marketing email or email with general news needs to be authorised by the MSH Brand Manager.
  • Clear Opt-in (not opt-out) sign-ups
  • Unsubscribe options in every communication
  • NO SHARING of data beyond the MSH Group (My Sexual Health (Pty) Ltd, Sexology Courses (Pty) Ltd. MSH Shop is a division of My Sexual Health (Pty) Ltd.

*Personal Data is not shared with MSH Team Members or any other person or provider directly or indirectly involved in the with MSH.  No personal information collected by a MSH Team Member, their practice or a Licensed MSH Practices is to be shared with MSH.


Direct Marketing from MSH email addresses by MSH Team Members and Licensed Practices:

DIRECT MARKETING FROM or any variation thereof by any person that is not directly employed My Sexual Health Pty Ltd, is not permitted unless the following conditions are met:

  • Patients opted-in for direct marketing in accordance with the POIA in South Africa or other similar regulations internationally.
  • You are using an email system that has an opt-out option displayed in every email
  • The newsletter was signed off by the MSH Brand Manager


The consent to send marketing emails to patients/clients needs to be EXPLICIT, meaning it must be very clearly communicated that the person is giving permission to receive your marketing emails and practice news. 

Do NOT precheck the subscription checkboxes on your website forms. Users must specifically check that box themselves to give their consent to join you mailing list.

You need to be able to disclose where you got your subscribers’ details from. Most email systems and CRM systems will record the source of the lead (for example, “Facebook lead gen form”, or “mailing list subscription form on website”). Make sure that you’re using the available functionality that helps you do this.

Update your forms to include a checkbox that users must check in order to join your mailing list.

Add a cookie notice and a privacy policy to your website which includes the name and contact details of your information security officer.


Disclaimer – MSH is not giving legal advice. If you are unsure of anything, you should consult with your lawyer.  The preferred legal provider for MSH is Elsabe Klinck.