August 01, 2023 1 min read

Our vision at My Sexual Health is to accredit 10,000 Credible Sexual Health Providers across the Global South in the next ten years.

We firmly believe that each community should be equipped with sexual health providers, armed with knowledge based on scientific and human rights principles, coupled with evidence, experience, and cultural sensitivity. These professionals can catalyse significant changes within communities. They are poised to tackle pressing issues such as gender-based violence, teenage pregnancies, child marriages, genital mutilation, and the surge in HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Our motivation is anchored in lifting women out of poverty. By enhancing their sexual health through evidence-supported strategies, we not only boost their well-being and autonomy but also unlock their potential. Women with newfound freedom initiate community programs, pursue education, rise to leadership positions, and act as vigilant eyes and ears for community concerns. 

We are passionate about fostering communities where men advocate a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of violence. And we aim to safeguard men who encounter gender-based violence and equip them with the emotional tools to foster positive masculinity.

If you align with our vision and are interested in joining us on this journey, either as a supporter or as one of the 10,000 credible sexual health providers we aim to accredit, please don't hesitate to contact Delene van Dyk (MSH TED Manager) via email at

Plus, if you're part of a larger group seeking training or if you're looking to partner with us to further our vision, we would be delighted to hear from you. Let's work together to make a lasting impact.

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