Antoinette Jansen van Vuuren


Antoinette Jansen van Vuuren is the practice owner of Van Vuuren Physiotherapists practice at Netcare Pretoria East Hospital, Moreletapark, Pretoria.

She has been a member of My Sexual Health since the very beginning in 2010 and has successfully treated some of the most complicated cases referred to her by the MSH doctors.

Antoinette graduated from University of Free State in 1991. She has a special interest, amongst others, in the following three areas:

1. Female Health, especially Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Bladder & Bowel Dysfunction and Post Abdominal Surgery Health

2. Male Health focusing on men, pre- and post-prostatectomy with regards to pelvic floor dysfunction which may present as erectile dysfunction, urinary incontinence, pudendal neuralgia and hypertonic pelvic floor issues. (

3. The Paediatric Pelvic floor which encompasses helping the child and parents with advice and treatment of pelvic floor issues e.g. enuresis (bedwetting), encopresis (soiling of underwear) and constipation (

She has done continued education courses in treating Pelvic floor related issues:
• Lactation & Breastfeeding Advice
• Ante- and Post-Natal Care
• Female Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
• Menopausal Health
• Orthopaedic Manipulation Concepts and McKenzie concepts
• Visceral Mobilisation
• Lymphoedema
• Dry Needling of the pelvic floor muscle
• Pain neuroscience education
• Nuts and Bolts Men’s Health
• Exploring the male pelvic floor and refining treatment skills
• The paediatric Bladder and Bowell introduction
• The Poo Detectives

Because of the practice’s general scope of physiotherapeutic treatment, Antoinette and her co-physiotherapists also treat patients with orthopaedic, chest and ICU problems in hospital as well as on an outpatient basis.


BSc Physiotherapy UOFS

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